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How to avoid Internet censorship

Hello! Sometimes when surfing the internet we get some restrictions. Indeed, we can’t access pages or some services. So, there may be geographical limitations. It is even possible that there is censorship. As a result, you can not properly view the content of a page. Or simply not to enter completely. But don’t worry, today we will learn how to get around it. Read on to find out how to avoid Internet censorship.

How to use Lantern to avoid Internet censorship.

This is a free, cross-platform application. It is available for Windows, Mac, ubuntu, android, and iOS. Its main function is to offer private, secure, fast, and stable navigation. In this way, it is possible to access potentially blocked content. This last aspect is what makes the tool so interesting. It allows access to content that is restricted. This happens because there are sites that work in certain geographical areas. Or it also happens when there is governmental censorship. For this, Lantern uses geographically optimized servers. As a result, browsing is faster and more stable. In addition, it uses various techniques to circumvent possible firewalls. If one of the techniques fails, it automatically switches to another correct server. In this way, it manages to connect successfully.

Configuring Lantern for private navigation

This tool has a simple and easy-to-configure interface. Therefore, we only need a few steps to start enjoying it. The first thing you have to do is to download it from its official website. As already mentioned, it is also possible to use it on mobile devices. However, we will use the Windows version. So once downloaded just install it like any other Windows program. After the installation is finished, it will start running in the background. We will be able to check this with the tool icon in the taskbar. In addition, it will open a window of the browser that we are using. This window allows you to verify the connection. In addition, it invites us to switch to Pro mode. In addition, we will see the status of the connection and the connected server.

Lantern Configuration
Lantern Configuration

Lantern Settings Options

Please note that the program does not require user creation. In fact, you only need to install it to start using it. However, the Pro option does require registration and a fee. This gives access to additional options. However, the free version is more than enough for home use.We have already mentioned that there is a program icon in the taskbar. From there it is possible to disconnect, close the program or open the configuration. It is also possible to go from the icon at the top right of the configuration screen. Then just click on Settings.

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Once there we will be able to manage several elements. For example, the language, the sending of statistics or the type of program startup. Additionally, there are other advanced settings. There you will find the browsing options related to the proxy.

Lantern Settings Options
Lantern Settings Options

To switch off the program, simply turn it off from the startup screen. Just click on the connection button. You can also do it from the icon in the taskbar. In short, we have seen how to avoid censorship on the Internet. Certainly another option to escape from the regulations imposed from the power. See you soon!

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