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The Windows 10 search bar doesn’t work: how to fix it.

Hi, how are you? For some time now, users are reporting bugs with the Windows 10 search bar. Consequently, no results are shown when using it. This bar is activated when you put the magnifying glass next to Windows. Afterward, matches are shown when typing. Well, the solution is very simple and consists of deactivating Bing in the start menu. Well, in this one we will see that the search bar of Windows 10 does not work and how to fix it.

Disable Bing from the search bar.

First, it is necessary to enter the registry editor. Normally, it is enough to type regedit in the search bar. However, this does not work, so press the Win+R combination. Once the box is open, please type regedit.

Go to the registry editor.
Go to the registry editor.

Then type the following address in the search bar.

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Once inside the Search folder, please right click to create a new DWORD entry (32 bits). Please assign the name BingSearchEnabled. Then double click on the entry and set it to 0.

Then please check the CortanaConsent entry. As in the previous action, check that its value is set to 0. However, in case it is not present, repeat the same procedure as above.

Check the CortanaConsent entry
Check the CortanaConsent entry

Once we have reached this point, it is time to check whether the problem has been solved. If so, the solution has been successful. The interesting thing about this method is that it is possible to reverse the changes made, and still restore the search bar. With this intention, by removing the BingSearchEnabled entry and re-editing the CortanaConsent entry to change its value back to 1. If not, repeat the procedure.


Ultimately we have seen how to fix the search bar in Windows 10. This way it is possible to do the searches again on a regular basis. I hope this tutorial has been useful to you. That’s all for now before you go, please check our post about PowerToys in Windows 10. Bye!

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