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9 things you can do with the new Bing search engine with integrated ChatGPT

Hello! Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI is starting to bear fruit with this revamped Bing with ChatGPT. Launched just a few days ago and with gradual deployment, the new search engine with artificial intelligence from Redmond is born with the aim of shaking up a segment dominated by Google’s magnifying glass. Recall that this company has shown its new cards with its AI-enhanced version of Bard. But what’s so special about this Bing with ChatGPT? Does it offer anything different from the conversational OpenAI chat that we have already tested in depth? And most interesting: what can you do that you couldn’t do before?

The best of Bing with the best of ChatGPT

Foremost, introductions. Once you type in the usual white box what you are looking for and press enter, two columns appear. In effect, we see one on the left with the traditional results with its list of links, title and short description. On the other hand, the answer generated by ChatGPT in a conversational way appears. In this second panel, the response is more faithful to specific requests. For example, to write a few paragraphs about the new Bing search engine or to tell us about the first law of thermodynamics.

If we compare it with ChatGPT, we will see an important difference: the new Bing shows the references on which it has based its answers. This way we know where the information comes from, and we can go deeper if we wish by clicking on them. Fundamental: the sources chosen are based on their relevance in the results. From there, it builds the answer in a coherent and natural way. However, as the Microsoft team warns, it is not infallible, so it is worth checking.

The other major difference with ChatGPT is that the Bing search engine provides up-to-date information when you have an internet connection. On the other hand, it is well known that the OpenAI language model itself is limited to a dataset up to 2021. Consequently, ChatGPT cannot answer your questions on current topics. With the new Bing, you can ask about current topics without fear.

The best you can do with the new Bing

Keeping up to date with current events

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Previously we told you that this model has constant updates. Therefore, it can respond to us instantly on issues that are taking place with the level of detail that we want. So, before you could ask for the current NBA rankings. Now, however, if you wish, you can restrict it a little more and ask it to give you the five best teams, for example. Be careful, because this is precisely where it could be a mistake, and the answer returned by the traditional Bing is accurate. As I said: it is not infallible, it is better to check the answers.

Customized summaries of large issues

If you used to ask questions like famous Dutch painters, you would usually receive an excerpt from a website, a list of names and a link to Wikipedia. You would typically receive an excerpt from some website, a list of names and a link to Wikipedia. The question is so extensive that you will typically have to leave the search engine. Therefore, it is normal that you have to leave the search engine to enter other websites to get the answer.

But the new Bing wants you to stay on its screen. Therefore, for this question you will receive a written summary of the main painters with a description of their work. If you want to go deeper, click on the sources.

Optimized general searches

The search process is essentially unchanged. This allows in many cases to display two different panels. On the one hand, one with your usual search ranking engine and one applying the OpenAI model to your engine.

Interestingly, in some cases it will only show the traditional search, although in other cases it will depend on how you formulate the question. For example, if you type what are the advantages of the new Bing over Google search engine, you get only links. However, using tell me the advantages of the new Bing over Google search engine, the conversational panel appears on the right.

Artificial intelligence also boosts search results. An example: if you go on a weekend trip to Orlando and ask the search engine what you can do, traditional Bing will show links to sites with suggestions for sightseeing and museums. In the bar on the right, you will have a summary of the most interesting things to do.

To make plans for you

From the previous point to organizing everything for you, there is only one step that the new Bing is capable of doing. For example, you can tell it what kind of food you like, your budget, where you are, how much time you have. Bing will then respond by tailoring its answers to your needs and interests. In short, you can use Bing to plan your meal menu this week, for example. Or, it can even map out a travel itinerary for you.

Let your creativity fly

In the style of Google’s I’m feeling lucky, Bing has a very high level of creativity and imagination. Until now, the search engine provided the sources, you read and summarized them, and from there, you created. Now you could, for example, ask him to look for information about non-poisonous snakes. From there, ask it to prepare a summary on the topic.

Writing texts

ChatGPT’s ability to generate texts from our requests is also available in the new Bing. For example, if you are looking for projects to improve your spending budget, you can ask him to prepare a text summarizing your findings that you can send via email. It writes it, but allows you to edit and modify it as many times as you want.

You can also do it ChatGPT style from scratch. For example, write me a story about a sleepy tailor to prepare me an email to apply for this job. You can even ask him to summarize the theory of relativity in three paragraphs. The more precision you offer in your order, the better the response will fit.

Request more details

If after a search you don’t find what you needed and want more, you can always go to the chat icon on the left and refine the results. For example, in the case of travel, you can indicate that you are going with children. Or if you are with the case of Dutch painters, you can later tell it that you want them to be only women or from a specific period. You can add conditions and nuances as you go along.

Context and extra information on the web

One of the most interesting tools of the new Bing is associated with the also renewed Edge browser, with a sidebar with access to Bing. So, at any time, you can open it and request information about something you are looking for. Imagine for example that you are on Amazon looking for a particular product. Then you can ask Bing to give you extra information about the item. For example, such as a summary of its specifications, price and what it’s good for. Or even give you a list of alternatives with a similar price.

This sidebar does not stop at information, but also allows us to elaborate texts by choosing the tone, format, extension, tables.

Use it as a chatbot

As we have already seen at length with ChatGPT, you can also use the new Bing to have a very natural conversation. For example, you can ask him about popular movies in 2022. You can also let him make his suggestions and continue to ask him about the topic without having to provide additional context.

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