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Mouse Manager – Assign Tasks for Extra Mouse Buttons

If you’re a Windows user, there’s a good chance that you own a gaming mouse – mouse for the purpose of gaming. These mice have a longer lifetime even if you play click-intensive games like FPS or other strategy games. All those extra buttons have their own works, right? Unfortunately, outside your game, those buttons are hardly of any use.

When talking about the extra buttons, those are generally the 2 buttons at the side of the mouse. They are generally called “Mouse button 4” and “Mouse button 5” in most games. Using those buttons is great in your everyday life to improve your performance and flexibility.

For performing the action, we’ll be needing a small tool called Mouse Manager. Download Mouse Manager. It’s not a portable app; you have to install it in your system for doing tasks.

Using Mouse Manager

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After you’ve successfully installed, launch the tool.

From the “Settings” tab, check the option for starting the tool with Windows.

Now, from the “Profiles” tab, select “Add”. This will create a profile.

Now, you have to ensure what functions the button will perform. For example, I’m assigning “H E L L O” for “Mouse Button 4”.

It’s time to check out the result. Open a notepad and press the button.

Here, when you pressed the “Mouse button 4”, it simply sent the signal of H E L L O buttons to the computer. If you kept your “Caps Lock” on, the output would be different.

Just like that, you can assign other functions for the mouse button using the app.

There are infinite number of possible key combos and so is the number of profile. You can set which profile you want from the tray icon. It’s a lightweight program, so don’t worry about the memory consumption of the app.

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