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Scams on Instagram and TikTok: How to Protect Yourself

Hackers can also use social networks to steal data, passwords or to sneak in viruses. They can make use of multiple strategies with the aim of attacking the victim. In recent times, two of the most used platforms for this are Instagram and TikTok. Therefore, we are going to explain which are the most common scams. The goal is that you know how to identify them and do not fall for the bait. A simple click can lead to your account being stolen. Keep in mind that cybercriminals refine techniques frequently. However, there are always certain common patterns. For example, they will often offer something good to attract attention, even if it is really a scam. They will also make extensive use of phishing or sending links. We can do to protect ourselves from these scams.

Common scams on Instagram and TikTok

They use social media such as Instagram and TikTok to reach numerous potential victims. In addition, they are platforms used by people of many ages, but mainly by young people. And yes, although it may seem otherwise, it is precisely young people who make the most mistakes on the Internet.

False prizes or discounts

The first thing they usually use are fake prizes or discount coupons. Basically, they indicate that we have won something. Also, that we have access to a discount to buy on Amazon or any platform. This can attract attention and provoke the victim to click. In fact, this is when the problem really starts.

This can be used to steal passwords or make the victim download a malicious file. The latter may contain malware capable of stealing passwords, personal data or causing system malfunction.

Official accounts that are fake

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They may also use fake accounts that pretend to be official. For example, they could impersonate a store, a bank or any other platform or entity. When dealing with an official account, we are more likely to provide certain information. It also happens that we relax, thinking that there is no risk at all.

But of course, we are not really interacting with an official profile, but with an impersonation. Therefore, be very careful with giving any kind of information. Even if it seems that you are talking to an official company account. Always check the profile very well and hesitate to any strange request.

Fake applications

Of course, we must also name the fake Instagram or TikTok applications. We’re not just talking about the main program, the one you use to log in. Actually, we are talking about some add-ons that you can install. They can be additional applications to get certain enhancements, edit photos, videos, etc.

Our advice is to always install software from official sources. Beware of third party sites, as it could be a trap. Check very well that the applications are up-to-date.

Links per message

Another type of scam through Instagram or TikTok is simply sending a link through a message. That link can be a trap. This is a classic phishing attack. You could be invited to access a page to solve a problem. It is also possible that they offer you to get a prize or make a necessary change.

This could be a trap and you could lose your account. Whenever you have the slightest doubt, it is best not to open a link. It may even be fake if it is sent to you by a trusted contact, as it may have previously suffered an attack.

As you can see, these are the main strategies that cybercriminals can use to steal your passwords through TikTok, Instagram, and other social networks. It is important that you take preventive measures, that you have a good antivirus, and especially that you avoid making mistakes. This way you can avoid possible scams. Bye!

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