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PostgreSQL 12.0 is available

Recently the PostgreSQL development team announced the release of version 12 of the program. PostgreSQL is perhaps one of the most popular relational database management systems out there and this is relevant news in the server world. Besides this, it is good to say that every day these applications improve to adapt to new circumstances. Therefore, today we are going to talk about PostgreSQL 12.

PostgreSQL 12 some features

PostgreSQL 12 is already a veteran database management system. It already has a 20-year history and is considered by many to be the most advanced database manager out there. It is an open-source value because its code is available to everyone.

Likewise, PostgreSQL competes directly with other proprietary solutions such as Oracle, SQL Server, and IBM DB2. And they have surprised us with this new version.

In short, PostgreSQL 12 has many improvements. Some of them are the following:

  • How common table expressions (WITH) are executed has been optimized. As well as the generated columns.
  • Now programmers will benefit because there is support for the expression of SQL/JSON paths. This feature has been done recently in MySQL.
  • In this new version of PostgreSQL takes a good leap in performance. First, it better manages the space required in large databases. Second, the execution times of the queries. Vital.
  • A feature has also been added that allows developers to define their own data storage methods.
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So, as we can see in the improvements, it is an important version that helps to add little by little to a great application. Incidentally, it has the sponsorship of large companies worldwide that see in PostgreSQL an important program within their organizations.

By way of conclusion, we can say that PostgreSQL 12 is a major version that adds stability and important features to an already important application. It only remains to wait for the official repositories to include the updated packages so that they can be easily installed in the main Linux distributions.

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