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Is it possible to avoid DoS attacks !


DOS is the abbreviation of Denial of Service. This type of attack occurs when a website becomes unavailable to the visitors due to the continues attempts of hackers to suspend the web server which is hosting the corresponding website. For quite a while, it was believed that DOS attack was used against the government websites, and some other sites as a type of dissent to disturb their web performance.

Result of Dos attack can be the loss of fame and reputation for a company. Apart from reputation, it can cause loss of money and the services they offer for a long time.Generally, the loss of service is the failure of the services offered by a specific network. For example, email connectivity can be suspended for a short duration or connection between networks can be suspended.A HTTP Denial of Service attacks can likewise wreck programming and records in influenced PC frameworks. At times, HTTP DoS attack have constrained Web locales got to by a huge number of individuals to incidentally stop operation.

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You can secure your servers from DoS attacks by dot Defender. Dot Defender is a web application firewall which do deep packet instruction of every traffic passing through HTTP. In deep packet instruction, it analyzes the packet against some specie defined rules e.g. to suspend this received protocol or Internet Protocol address or block such IPs which can exploit the vulnerabilities of a website. The most simply executed kind of Denial of Service attack is the one that is released from a solitary source. In the following attack, a solitary machine existing in some place on the Internet issues a flood of system query against a machine which is to be targeted. Send queries themselves can be transformed in too many forms – for instance, an attack may utilize ICMP flooding by means of ping query, or HTTP asks for against a web server.

Can it be stopped?

We should begin with the terrible news: It is exceptionally hard to shield against a complex DDoS assault propelled by a professional attacker. Numerous associations struck by a DDoS are left to scramble with an end goal to stop the attack once it is started. Some of the time this requires coordination with the ISP that can give access to the network.A compelling guard against the flood of HTTP can be the formation of an authentic reverse proxy.A reverse proxy is to some degree much the same as a bouncer at a dance club, choosing which visitors are permitted into the club, where the genuine web server is. By conveying numerous bouncers in various areas, the incoming traffic has been divided into pieces with the help of bouncers, which can help the system getting to be overpowered. Sending this sort of design should be possible in the scramble after a serious DoS attack has started.


If we talk about the limitation of these DoS attack defenses, then it can be failed at a certain level. For example, if an attacker can manage to generate a huge amount of network traffic which is higher than the rater which can be handled by your network internet connection, then all of your defenses can be in vain. But the purpose of this kind of defense approaches is to give tough time to the attackers so that the can use big gun to break your defense.If you still want to increase your security against DoS attack the capacity accessible to your Web server should be more than you ever might suspect, you are probably going to require. That way, you can oblige sudden and startling surges in rush hour gridlock that could be an aftereffect of a promoting effort, a unique offer or even a specify of your organization in the media.


Regardless of whether you over arrangement by 100 percent – or 500 percent – that reasonable won’t stop a DoS assault. In any case, it might give you a couple of additional minutes to act before your assets are overpowered.

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