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PayPal revolutionizes employee relations with Microsoft Teams

PayPal assumed Microsoft Teams as a communication tool among its employees. This in order to improve the relations between them. Also to optimize data exchange and collaboration. Also to guarantee the connectivity between employees from different parts of the world.

Outdated tools

PayPal studied its reality well before making the change. In 2018 it conducted a survey among its employees. The survey served to know their appreciation of the communication tools they use. The data showed that only 39% believed that the tools used met their needs. It showed that only a few groups of employees did local and cloud-based services work well. But they also lacked cohesion and stable characteristics for a collaboration proposal for all. The results also showed the limitations of international meetings.

A change for growth

After these unexpected results, PayPal concluded that it required a new tool. It should allow easy access to secure, cloud-based data. Above all, they needed to ensure effective communication and work between their employees from anywhere. That’s why they decided to migrate to Microsoft Teams. The characteristics that determined the change were its modern platform. The integrated security of Microsoft 365. And finally its accessibility present everywhere.

Microsoft Teams: Productivity, close relationships and time saving

PayPal employees say that Teams have led them to be more united as a global team. Because this platform allows them to connect from different devices and locations. They also trust that their data is protected by end-to-end cloud encryption. They save time in meetings with the inclusion of Microsoft Power BI. Because it allows them to present data in a standardized format and access it quickly. On the other hand, Microsoft Teams allows the recording of meetings in the cloud. It enables the co-location and storage of documents.

Successful experience that expands

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PayPal has had good results from the experience with Microsoft Teams. This has led them to add Power Bi and Powers Apps to the experience. With this last tool, they plan to create an application with all the programs activated. So that the employees can create more and better of these. If you liked this news see our last post about the error that prevents Windows 10 from connecting to the Internet. Bye!

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