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NordLocker is a secure cloud to protect your documents.

Hello! We have previously discussed cloud services. In addition, we highlighted the advantages of using it. However, a concern in these cases is to ensure security. Well, NordLocker provides a good answer for this. What we are looking for is a service that provides a secure cloud for our documents. Accordingly, NordLocker is a multi-platform service that seeks to meet these requirements. Through it, we will be able to manage our files on an external and secure server. In addition, it provides some traditional elements that make it very attractive to users. Next we will see that NordLocker is a secure cloud to protect your documents.

Importance of having a secure cloud with NordLocker.

Certainly, there are several factors that favor the decision to adopt a secure cloud. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Access to your files at all times. That is, regardless of where you are and what device you are using. Regarding NordLocker, it is available on all major operating systems and even via the web.
  • You can choose the space you need. You can certainly move to having more or less depending on your needs at any given time.
  • Great solution if your computer is short on space. This problem is becoming more and more common when installing programs and storing countless documents, photos, and videos.
  • You will never lose anything. As they are stored on an external server, nothing will happen if your computer or cell phone breaks down, since the files will still be safe. Therefore, it is even a good option to have a backup of your most important documents.
  • You will never lose anything. As they are stored on an external server, nothing will happen if your computer or cell phone breaks down, since the files will still be safe. Therefore, it is even a good option to have a backup of your most essential documents.
  • Totally wireless. This advantage is significant, especially for the most orderly. Indeed, the servers on which the data is stored are tangible, but they are in safe places, and you will keep your desk free of cables and disks.
  • Protection against malware. This is a great feature of NordLocker. In effect, it helps prevent your data from being compromised by cybercriminals.

Let’s learn a little more about NordLocker.

The first thing you need to know is that NordLocker is developed by Nord Secutiry. As you will know, they develop tools like NordVPN.


One of the great qualities of NordLocker is that it is available on all major operating systems. Consequently, they have an official application for Windows and macOS, but also on Android, iOS, and iPadOS. Consequently, regardless of what device you have, you will be able to access the secure cloud easily. In fact, it is even possible to use it without installing the application, as it is fully available via the web.

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Something to consider is that on Android, iPhone and iPad the application does not have a native operation. Indeed, it is in the Play Store and App Store respectively, but when you open it, you can see that there is no mobile app as such but an integrated browser that allows direct access to the web version. In any case, there will surely soon be a 100% native app and, until then, this solution is quite effective and works very well.


Whether on mobile or computer, NordLocker stands out as a very easy-to-use application. With this in mind, it offers a tremendously intuitive interface. In fact, this is a feature common to all systems, since regardless of how you use it you will find an identical panel.

In the desktop versions, it offers an identical interface in Windows and macOS, as well as in its web version. Thus, having fully accessible files in a comfortable way. You can quickly create folders and subfolders and, of course, drag and drop functions to make everything much more comfortable. Another highlight in the case of computers is that it can be integrated with the system. Consequently, it appears as another folder to manage without the need to specifically enter the application.

We also have access to mobile applications. However, NordLocker does not offer its own mobile interface because it has not yet been adapted. In fact, after entering the credentials and the master key, the browser opens immediately to access all our data stored in the cloud. However, it is not the most aesthetically pleasing, but it is fully functional and just as secure.


Here are some of NordLocker’s most important features. In addition, they serve in numerous instances as a differentiating element from the competition.

  • Simple and intuitive interface which, as we have already mentioned in the previous section, is an important point in terms of productivity and overcomes any kind of learning curve as it is the same on all devices.
  • Multiplatform, being available in the main operating systems on the market and, in those that are not, allowing access via web. Even in the cases of Android and iOS it is passable that they do not have a 100% adapted application.
  • They offer free storage of 3 GB which, despite not being a large amount, is more than enough to try it out. In addition, they offer other plans of 500 GB and 2 TB that are sufficient for all types of users.
  • It has the latest generation encryption such as AES-256, xChaCha20-poly1305, Argon2 or EdDSA to prevent malware from entering your devices and prevent a cyberattack from affecting your data.
  • It synchronizes automatically and quickly, having access to all changes made in a matter of seconds. Although, as with all types of clouds, in the end it also depends on your connection speed.
  • It performs regular backups, so that all your files will always be safe, and you will avoid surprises if you delete them mistakenly.
  • It is totally private even for developers, as they guarantee that they cannot access your files in any way, as everything is locked by a master password that only you should know.
  • Protection in the browser through an additional tool called Web Cloud, which allows you to download files from the Internet securely and prevents them from containing malware.


NordLocker offers a free plan, this is at the end only 3 GB, which is scarce in almost any normal use. Therefore, they have other plans with more storage at fascinating prices. These plans can be managed on a monthly or annual payment basis:

  • 3 GB: Free
  • 500 GB: 1-year plan $3.99 mo or 1-month plan, $7.99 mo.
  • 2 TB: 1-year plan, $9.99 mo or 1-month plan, $19.99 mo.

Okay, so we have established that NordLocker is a secure cloud to store our data. So, you can start testing it with the free plan. If you like it, you may decide to go for some paid plans. See you soon!

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