Install Python 3.7 on centos 7 and Fedora 27/28


Python is the  one of the best object-oriented programming language with lots of features which do support in development of web applications as well, and   If you are a programmer or Python Developer  you may  always follow the the last releases witch contain last updates and  new features.

i will try to test that on my Centos 7.5  and  python 2.7

Downoad the  last Python tar file from

Step 1 – Requirements

One of the top  requirement of Python  is the  GCC compiler on your system.  please login to ur system and Download the  needed requirements  for Python


Step 2 – Download last python release ” Python 3.7

Download Python using  from python official site using wget .

Now extract  the downloaded file

Step 3 – Install Python 3.7

Use below set of commands to compile Python source code on your system using altinstall.


this  action will prepare your prepare the package for the compilation

Compile the Package

make altinstall is  very  important to avoid   replacing the default python binary file /usr/bin/python.

This action will take some minutes  to  create the  package

you can also  remove the  Downloaded tar file if your  like  with command  rm

Step 4 – Check Python Version

Check the latest version installed of python. Use command python3.7 instead of just python.

Step 5 – Check if yum package still working

Check if  if  your  original python still working and if  Yum or dnf  package  is not crashed with the new package

Please  Enjoy , Cheers !!

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