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Microsoft forces the installation of PC Health Check in Windows 10

Hello! Microsoft is back at it again. Apparently, they are trying to get Windows 11 installed on most computers. It has therefore started to force the installation of the PC Health Check tool on Windows 10. Indeed, this is reminiscent of the techniques it used to force the upgrade to Windows 10. This tool indicates whether our computer is suitable for upgrading to Windows 11. But not anymore. Indeed, Microsoft forces the installation of PC Health Check in Windows 10.

Microsoft forces you to install the PC Health Check tool in Windows 10

We already know about Microsoft’s marketing techniques. Certainly, some of them can be very invasive. So, this latest action confirms their approach. The company uses the KB5005463 update to force the installation of the PC Check tool. We have already mentioned that it is used to check if our hardware is compatible with Windows 11. This can be annoying for some users. Especially for those who do not wish to upgrade to Windows 11. We can certainly install this system easily. Even if our hardware is incompatible. Indeed, Microsoft itself has explained how to do it. Similarly, third-party tools allow bypassing these limitations. Of course, the company claims that there are security risks. In addition to possibly not receiving updates.

Certainly, the self-installation of this tool does not imply the automatic upgrade to Windows 11. However, these measures are reminiscent of Microsoft’s behavior at the dawn of Windows 10.

Although it is possible to uninstall the tool, it reappears in subsequent checks for new updates. Since it comes with the KB5005463 update, then the solution would be to uninstall it. But this is when the issue becomes more curious. Indeed, if you search for the update, it does not appear in the history. Therefore, it is impossible to uninstall it. Even though it was successfully downloaded and installed.

How to permanently uninstall it

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Let’s see how to get rid of the tool once and for all. For this purpose, we will use the Windows registry editor. Just press the Win+R combination and run the regedit command. Once in the editor, please go to this path:


Now, you just have to check if there is a key called PreviousUninstall. Note that its value has to be 1. If not, please assign the value manually. In short, this is the way to avoid that Microsoft forces the installation of PC Health Check in Windows 10. As you can see, it’s a bit of an abusive practice on the part of the guys from Redmond. Bye!

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