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Skip Windows 11 installation requirements with Rufus

Hi! Rufus is one of the most popular tools for creating USB bootable media. Indeed, it is usually my personal choice. As it is a lightweight, free and effortless to use tool. On the other hand, we have already commented about the arrival of Windows 11. Mostly because of compatibility issues and minimum requirements. We even told you how to skip these minimum requirements by editing the Windows registry. Well, Rufus has also adapted to the times. Moreover, it has done it positively. So, see how to skip Windows 11 installation requirements with Rufus.

Forget about the Windows 11 installation requirements with Rufus

As mentioned, Windows 11 is already here. Maybe you want to upgrade, but your computer is incompatible. Then we can take advantage of Rufus. Specifically, in beta version number 3.16. Just download it from its GitHub page. Support for an extended installation of Windows 11 has been added in this version. Basically, it is the option to skip the Windows 11 installation requirements. Specifically, the 8 GB RAM, TPM and Secure Boot requirements.

As you can see, there are several options. In this case, we are interested in the second option: Extended Windows 11 Installation (no TPM/no Secure Boot/8 GB- RAM). Consequently, it serves just that purpose. That is, to create a USB boot disk to install Windows 11 on computers that have neither TPM, nor Secure Boot, nor reach 8 GB of RAM.

Are these requirements really necessary?

These Windows 11 requirements have a history. In effect, they have left out many computers. But it is also possible to skip them to install on non-compatible computers. Sounds surprising, doesn’t it? So absurd is the situation that Microsoft itself has explained how to hack Windows 10 to upgrade to Windows 11, regardless of whether you meet its requirements. So, a tool like Rufus is a good option. It allows you to do a clean installation, without having to comply with the requirements. Very well, in this way we have learned how to skip Windows 11 installation requirements with Rufus.

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This allows Windows 11 to run on almost any PC running Windows 10. Just be aware that you may experience compatibility issues. Although these issues are also found on officially supported computers. Also, Microsoft may not release updates for these devices. See you soon!

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