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Meet Metager, a private search engine.

Privacy is an essential element on the Internet. Indeed, there are many threats on the network. This puts our data and personal information at risk. In addition, search engines filter our data and put our security at risk. Therefore, today we will see a safer option. We will learn about Metager, a private search engine. It also includes a proxy.

Metager is a privacy-focused search engine.

When searching on the internet we can use several engines. Obviously, the best known is Google. However, there are many others. They are also oriented to the privacy of users, avoiding the leakage of information. Since the search can reveal information such as our location. This is precisely what Metager avoids. Since it is strongly focused on privacy. Available under the GNU license, it promises not to share the user’s IP address or search history. In addition, it blocks all tracking cookies.

When displaying a search result, it provides a direct link to the site and not a crawled redirect. Just as Google and Bing do. In this way, the user’s data remains anonymous.

How to use Metager

Using the Metager private search engine is very simple. The first thing we have to do is to enter the website. Once there, you will see a search bar similar to the other search engines. Just enter your search terms and start processing the search.

Metager homepage, a private search engine
Metager homepage, a private search engine
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The search results are then displayed. You will see differences with respect to other search engines like Google. For example, it does not show images or news. Unless you request it, so the results are simpler and more direct. On the other hand, it is handled as another search engine. Since we will get the information in a fast way. But also, we have options to search for images or create search filters.

Metager displaying image results
Metager displaying image results

A blacklist is available within the settings. That is, we can include web domains that we are not interested in. And in this way, exclude them from the search results. We can also configure image search parameters and language as well. In short, several options to increase user privacy. Anyway, Metager is a great private search engine. Bye!

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