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DbGate: The Smartest (no)SQL Database Client

Hello, friends. We already know that developers or people who are in charge of a database, require professional clients to facilitate their task. So, in this post, we will introduce you to DbGate which is another client that supports many database managers.

DbGate is a modern database management client that works with both SQL drivers such as MariaDB, MySQL; and with NoSQL such as MongoDB.

We are talking about a Free and open-source application that has been released under the MIT license. This makes that you can use it in many projects of diverse nature.

Another aspect to take into account with DbGate is that it is cross-platform. This means that we can use it on Windows, macOS, and of course Linux. Quite useful to improve possible migrations between operating systems. If you come from Windows, you can also use this application.

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With DbGate you can easily:

  • Connect to multiple databases, directly or through SSH tunnel. Important in terms of security.
  • Browse or edit data in your tables or views, filter by column value. This using a data editor.
  • Edit SQL queries with auto-complete suggestions or use query designer.
  • Export and import from/to CSV, JSON, or Excel.
  • Connect to MongoDB, browse or filter JSON document data.

In addition to this, you can further extend the functionality of the program by adding plugins.

Install DbGate on Linux

In the Linux chaos, we have several options depending on the system you are using. In the case of Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives there is a DEB package that can be downloaded from Github or using the terminal.

wget -c https://github.com/dbgate/dbgate/releases/download/v4.2.0/dbgate-latest.deb

And then install it, using APT.

sudo apt install ./dbgate-latest.deb

Then you can run it from the main menu.

1.- DbGate running
1.- DbGate running

There are also other formats like APPImage that you can run from any other Linux distribution or use the binaries.


Having professional tools for database management is a serious matter that requires some preliminary research. At the moment, DbGate has all the basic features to make it a solid alternative to others on the market. Being OpenSource and including Linux support, it generates more exceptions and is an option to take into account.

Enjoy it!

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