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The top search engine alternatives to Google

Hello! You are probably familiar with the term search engine. Besides, when you hear it, you probably associate it with Google. Indeed, the Mountain...

Meet Metager, a private search engine.

Privacy is an essential element on the Internet. Indeed, there are many threats on the network. This puts our data and personal information at...

ANGRYsearch on Linux

Searching is a very important part of our everyday usage of computers. Whenever you’re in a hurry, you may need to locate a certain...

How to install Elasticsearch on CentOS 7?

Linux is a great operating system and many companies rely on it for their business solutions. That is why more and more projects are...

Search Files Faster with Fsearch

Searching is one of the most important parts of any works performed in our everyday life. In the case of computers, it’s also important...

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