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LXQt 0.16 available

The foundation between the projects LXDE and Razor-qt, give birth to LXQt. A free and open-source desktop environment for Linux, this environment is lightweight to speed up the computer. LXQt is used by operating systems that do not seek any customization or productivity options, but focus on performance. Similarly, it comes with its latest version LXQt 0.16 where it incorporates new features in its panel, app configuration among others.

LXQt desktop

On the other hand, if the most recent versions of KDE Plasma 5.20 or GNOME 3.38. didn’t meet your expectations or are looking for something lighter than LXQt 0.16 is available.

LXQt 0.16 features

  • New options added to LibFM-Qt / PCManFM-Qt.
  • LXQt configuration improvements.
  • Support in LXQt Power Management for being able to customize the power, suspend, and hibernation keys.
  • Better handling and configuration for the default email client.
  • LXQt Archiver now properly opens and extracts RPM packages.
  • LXImage Qt now supports resizing images as well as supporting more image types.
  • Three new themes were added of Clearlooks, Leech, and Kvantum.

For more information about the new features of LXQt 0.16, we leave you the release note.


The desktop environment LXQt 0.16 or later should reach Lubuntu 21.04 and Fedora 34.

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LXQt is a desktop environment focused on PC performance and being lighter. A viable option, very grateful when supporting certain graphics or quite old hardware. Unlike KDE Plasma or GNOME capable of providing and even a good experience if they have good graphics capable of meeting the minimum.

Similarly, the latest version of LXQt’s desk environment incorporates several features. It improves its panel, configuration, LXQt Power Management support, and includes new themes from Clearlooks, Leech, and Kvantum.

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