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Living Off-Campus: A Student’s Complete Guide to Finding and Renting the Perfect Accommodation

When you arrive at college, settling in a dorm makes pretty good sense. According to specialists, living on campus can help students make the most out of their college years, feel more connected to their peers, and more actively participate in college social life. On top of that, living in a dorm room and eating using meal plans can save you plenty of money.

Although there are quite a few reasons for living on campus, there is also the other side of the coin. College dorms are noisy and don’t leave any personal space. This can reflect both on your overall mood and wellness and on your academic achievements.

Many students confirm that studying in a crowded and chaotic dorm is hard. Not being able to isolate themselves from the rest and focus, young people often have to delegate their assignments to a professional essay writing service and have experts write my essay no plagiarism. On top of that, they rarely have personal time and space. So living off-campus often turns out to be a more lucrative decision. If that sounds like you, read on, and we will tell you how to find the right housing for you and make the most out of living outside your school’s dorm.

Find a Way to Save More Time First

We won’t sugarcoat it. Finding the right apartment and moving in is a hard and time-consuming process. Be prepared that it will occupy nearly 100% of your free time. So the first thing you’ll want to do is find a way to get the needed essay writing help. Spend some time now reading different writing services reviews to find the best helper to do my assignment for me, and don’t hesitate to delegate your tasks. This will help you carve out enough time for the search and ensure that your performance won’t be harmed by your apartment hunting.

Handle the Boring Stuff

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After you are confident that your academic papers and assignments are in the right hands, you can move on to looking for your perfect accommodation. Unfortunately, the process should always start with careful planning. So let us give you a few tips on how to handle this boring stuff.

To start planning, you must define your budget. If you have savings or income, that’s great. Analyze what you’ve got to see how much you can spend on housing. If you are on a student loan or scholarship, be sure to check your account to see how much is allotted for your accommodation. Most importantly, remember that the cost of the rent is just a part of your future expenses. Thus, when planning your budget, consider different living costs, such as meals, bills, and so on.

Once you see how much money you’ve got for your future accommodation, carefully analyze your needs, preferences, and actual possibilities. If a budget isn’t large, you might need to prioritize your needs and probably, compromise on some things.

Finally, when you understand your financial limitations, you need to define what exactly you will be looking for. In particular, define what type of housing you are looking for, what location you like the most, whether you will be renting alone or with a friend, etc.

When ready, move on to the next stage.

4 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Accommodation

While planning is a preparatory stage of the process, this is where all the work begins. So if you still haven’t organized a backup plan by this time, be sure to find a professional essay writer who will help you out. Then, use the tips below to handle this challenge quickly and efficiently.

  1. Get on Trusted Apartment Rental Sites and Apps

Apartment Guide, Zillow Rentals, For Rent, and Trulia Rentals—these and many other rental sites make searching for the best housing options easy and intuitive. Download them on your smartphone and register to start your search. Be sure to use more than one site to find more options.

  1. Set Your Search Filters

Probably the best thing about rental sites and apps is that they enable you to filter out the offers based on your own filters. Use the plan you’ve made previously to tweak these filters to your unique needs and start seeing suitable options.

  1. Enable Notifications

Renting housing can be challenging because the best options get rented way too fast. Thus, when looking for the right accommodation for you, you want to ensure that you will be among the first to learn about new listings that match your filters. To do this, enable notifications from rental apps and don’t miss them.

  1. Arrange Home Viewing

Busy students often hope to find and rent housing without viewing to save time. Unfortunately, this is a rare case. Besides, it’s quite risky. So if you want to do things right, delegate your tasks to the best paper writing services and use your free time to book and attend as many home viewings as possible.

During viewings, pay special attention to these things:

  • Availability of basic appliances;
  • Safety features;
  • Wi-Fi connection;
  • Past utility bills;
  • Mold and dampness, etc.

The Bottom Line

These basic tips are pretty much everything you need to find and rent the perfect accommodation to live off-campus. Once you find a place you truly like, make a deal. One last tip is to carefully read the contract before you sign it. This will keep you on the safe side from any unpleasant surprises.

Good luck!

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