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How to convert Word files to PDF using your Android phone

Hello friends! It is possible to work with documents without leaving your smartphone, although it’s not always easy. It’s just a matter of finding the best way and the right tool. In this post, we will explain how to convert Word files to PDF using your Android phone. Without spending a dime, this is also very important. A phone is a great tool for almost any task, even in areas where it seems appropriate. Why is a smartphone suitable for a mobile office? Aside from the so-so screen issues, the fact that Android has almost everything you need to work anywhere makes it worthwhile. This is especially true for document management.

Do the conversion using Google Drive and Google Docs

When we talk about Word documents, we usually think of Office, an office suite that has been on our personal computers for decades. Microsoft has brought most of these tools to mobile devices with a custom Office app. But there is no need to turn to Office at least not initially. Google Drive is more than enough, and being an app from the Google ecosystem it is more likely to already have it installed on Android.
Let’s say you have a Word document on your cell phone and you want to convert it to PDF. There are many ways, including one of the most practical and simple: Drive and the Google Docs app. Follow the steps below:

First step

Open the Google Drive app and upload the Word file you want to convert. In case you don’t have it installed you can download it by following the link below:

Google Play | Google Drive

Second step

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Then open the Google Docs app on your Android phone.

open the Google Docs app
Open the Google Docs app

Third step

After that, open the Word file you uploaded to Google Drive.

open the Word file convert Word files to PDF
open the Word file

Fourth step

Next, tap the menu button located in the upper right corner of the screen (The three dots).

tap the menu button convert Word files to PDF
tap the menu button

Fifth step

Then select “Share and export”. Next, choose “Save as” and choose “PDF Document”. Accept and you will have the Word document converted to PDF in your Google Drive storage.

Once the conversion is complete, you can share the file from the Google Drive application or download it to your cell phone. You can also send it via WhatsApp, Telegram, or Gmail, for example. The documents can be viewed on any device because people usually have at least one web browser to view PDF files.

How to convert Word files to PDF using your Android phone
How to convert Word files to PDF using your Android phone

Microsoft Word is also an option you should consider

Because most Android comes with pre-installed Google Drive (even the Google Docs app) and Google provides enough space in your account to save the file, the simplest option when converting documents to PDF is usually the one we’ve already told you about. However, Microsoft provides specific tools for this task: you can get the same results without payment. Microsoft has two conversion applications: Microsoft 365, a complete Office suite designed specifically for cell phones, and Microsoft Word, an application specifically for text files. In either case, you can get the same result: convert Word to PDF for free. And which is quite simple when it comes to doing the conversion. Many users have a greater affinity for Microsoft’s Office suite as it has been one of the most popular on computers. Not to say that it is the most used. Thanks for reading, bye!

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