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Learn about the Ramnit threat and how to remove it from Windows 10.

Hello! There are computer security threats that can appear spontaneously. But, then they may not last long. On the other hand, malware can adapt to security measures and improve over time. Today we will talk about Ramnit, a new threat for Windows users and how to remove it.

Ramnit, the Windows threat that must be eliminated as soon as possible.

In this case, the threat is not recent as Ramnit has been attacking Windows for years. Furthermore, it is very dangerous because if it is not eliminated it can spread quickly. It is also possible that it will damage other devices. However, when it comes to protecting the system from threats, speed is key. Since it is very important to make an early detection of the attacker. Consequently, it is possible to stop the mechanism of action in time. For example, ransomware attacks can take weeks to complete. In the case of Ramnit, detection time is vital. Since the Trojan has the possibility to spread quickly through the computer files.

How Ramnit spreads

This threat is usually spread through infected USB sticks. In effect, the malware is copied with a random file name. Of course, before that the threat must come from some other source. In other words, first a computer is infected with malware. Then the connected USB memory is contaminated and then spreads to another computer. Generally, this threat usually comes with the download of maliciously modified software. The most common sources are websites that offer pirated software and crackers.

Ramnit has the ability to infect EXE and HTML files. Then, when you get to the equipment you are able to open a back door. This is used by an attacker remotely to download new threats and execute malicious files. Consequently, that is the time to eliminate the threat. That is, just before allowing an attacker to access the system. Otherwise, it could spread to all the files on the computer and make it unusable.

How to remove Ramnit from your computer

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Once the malware infects the computer, it is a race against time. Indeed, the user must act quickly before the system is seriously affected and the threat spreads. Fortunately, there are timely actions to remove this dangerous threat.

Perform a full scan with Windows Defender

To the surprise of many, Windows Defender has scored very well on effectiveness measures. Please remember that this is Microsoft’s bet against security threats. Additionally, it comes included and perfectly integrated with the system. Well, sometimes all it takes is a complete and exhaustive examination of the system to put an end to Ramnit. Also, pay special attention to HTML and .exe files. Inasmuch as, these are the input elements of the threat. On the other hand, it is imperative to perform an examination of any USB memory connected to the computer. In this way, the chains of contagion are cut.

Using Symantec Ramnit Removal Tool

A more specific alternative is to use an Ramnit Removal Tool offered by Symantec. It is specially designed to eliminate this variety of Windows malware. To use it, download it from this link. Next, you just have to run it as it is a portable file. It will automatically start searching for Ramnit on the system and clean it up. In addition, its action mechanism involves closing all processes related to it. Consequently, it acts in a more specific way than any antivirus.

How to avoid being a victim of Ramnit

In this post we have seen how this threat acts. But the most important point is to avoid getting infected. In the first place, the most important thing is common sense. That is, only download software from its official sources. In addition, it is never advisable to open suspicious links sent by email. On the other hand, it is very important to keep the system updated. Because updates protect your computer against threats. Finally, a good antivirus is a method of defense against security risks. All right, that’s it for now. Ultimately we have see, the Ramnit threat and how to remove it from Windows 10. Please stay tuned for the latest security alerts in Windows 10.

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