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A new type of ransomware seriously threatens Windows 10

Alert! Hackers are constantly trying to breach security in Windows 10. Indeed, researchers have detected a new type of ransomware that masks itself within the file browser. As a result, it infects both home and business computers. Now a strain of ransomware Mailto, named by its creators as NetWalker has been recently discovered. It acts by inoculating malicious code into the Windows browser process. As a result, antivirus programs are unable to detect and remove them. This threat is an evolution of NetWalker that was already detected in August 2019. However, the difference is that it now attacks home and business computers alike. So stay alert, because a new type of ransomware seriously threatens Windows 10.

How does ransomware NetWalker work?

It’s amazing the ability of computer criminals to refine their techniques. Specifically, NetWalker uses the technique of process emptying in order not to be detected. To achieve this, it reallocates memory from a suspended state process and replaces it with malicious code. In effect, this new strain of NetWalker uses debug mode to avoid detection.

Researchers are still gathering information on the mode of infection. However, the most likely way to be infected is through phishing emails. These have attachments or links in the message text. As always, the best protection is common sense. Correspondingly, never download attachments or click on unknown emails. On the other hand, most infected emails pretend to be sent legitimately by the bank. They also include disturbing messages about blocked credit cards or frozen bank accounts. Under these circumstances, the user usually clicks on the malicious link.

No banking institution will ever contact a user via email. The usual method is through notifications when logging in with a username and password to the bank’s website. On the other hand, sometimes they also do it through phone calls. However, it is advisable to check whether the number really belongs to the bank.


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As has been noted, there is a new type of ransomware that seriously threatens Windows 10. As mentioned, the best defense is common sense when using the computer. Internet security is a very serious issue, and as such must be addressed. Anyway, check out this post about tips to improve security in Windows 10. All right, that’s it for now. Until the next time.

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