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Install Visual Studio Code on Debian 11

Hello, friends. In this post in the form of a guide, you will learn how to install Microsoft Visual Studio Code on Debian 11.

We already know that Debian 11 is a multipurpose operating system so it is not only used on servers but also on the desktop. Especially for users who need stability to develop their work on it. This is the case for many developers who see Debian as an ideal system with no surprises for their work.

So, on Linux, we are fortunate to have many different applications available. We can even install applications created by Microsoft (!) But we have to admit that Visual Studio Code is a great application and every day it is used by more and more developers.

With this powerful text editor, you can create your code and it has features similar to an IDE. It includes debugging support, integrated Git control, syntax highlighting, smart code completion, code snippets, and code refactoring. In addition to this, the editor is customizable and users can change the appearance and global settings.

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But not only this, it supports a lot of extensions that make Visual Studio Code have incredible functionalities. Some of them add support for many other programming languages like C++ or YML.

So, let’s install Visual Studio Code on Debian 11

Install Visual Studio Code on Debian 11

Although this is a quite popular application, it is not in the official Debian 11 repositories. But is not a problem to install it because Microsoft provides us with a special DEB package for Debian.

So, you can download it either from the terminal or from the graphical interface.

Open your favorite web browser, and go to the Visual Studio Code download section.

1.- Download Visual Studio Code on Debian 11
1.- Download Visual Studio Code on Debian 11

Now download the Debian DEB package.

Then, open your file browser and navigate to the download folder.

Now double click on the package to install it.

Or, install it using the terminal

cd Downloads
sudo apt install ./code*.deb

Following whichever procedure you choose, now you just need to run it from the main menu.

2.- Visual Studio Code on Debian 11
2.- Visual Studio Code on Debian 11

As a repository is also added, you can then keep the application up to date from the system update manager.

Enjoy it.

Remove Visual Studio Code

If you no longer wish to use the program then it is best to uninstall it. To do so, just run this command in the terminal

sudo apt remove code

This way there will be no trace of the application on your system.


Visual Studio Code is one of the best text editors out there. Widely used by many developers it has become indispensable for many of them. This is due to its ease of use and the features it offers that make coding easier. What’s more, there are plugins of many types to help with the process.

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