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How to activate the Magnification in Android

Greetings dear friends. Android mobile operating system hides wonderful and useful functions that not everyone knows about. One of these functions is Magnification, this feature is located in the Accessibility settings. It will allow you to pinch to zoom in any part of the interface and any application, even if it does not allow it natively, because the system is in charge of doing this function. This function is present in most Android phones, but depending on the brand of the phone, it may have a different name such as “Magnifier”. Even the way to activate it may vary. In the case of Xiaomi phones, it can be activated by a gesture and also using an accessibility button from the navigation bar. This is the simplest and most standard activation method that is implemented on most Android phones. In this post, we will teach how to activate Magnification on Android.

First step

Go to your phone Settings

Go to your phone Settings activate
Go to your phone Settings

Second step

Then in the case of Xiaomi phones go to Additional Settings>Accessibility>Vision>Magnification. Depending on the brand of your phone it may be hidden in some sub-menus, but the most common is to find it in the Accessibility section. Even if you can’t find it, remember that you can search for it using the search engine in the settings.

go to Additional Settings activate
go to Additional Settings
Accessibility activate
Vision activate

Third step

After that, turn on “Magnification shortcut“. If you have gestures enabled on your phone, you will have to swipe two fingers from the bottom of the screen to activate it. In case you have enabled the navigation bar it will simply add the Accessibility button. Just touch it and it will be activated. This is the most recommended way of activation since it does not interfere with the navigation gestures of your phone.

Turn on “Magnification shortcut”.
Use gesture to open
Use gesture to open
Use Accessibility button to open
Use Accessibility button to open
Final Result!
Final Result!


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The Magnification feature is present in most current Android phones, it can be really useful when it is not enough to increase the font size. Also, is one of the many hidden functions in our devices. Thanks for reading. Bye!

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