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Immunizes the web browser against spyware

Hello! You have probably heard of threats in the form of viruses. However, you may not know the meaning of the term Spyware. Well, we are talking about malicious software that can infect the computer through the web browser. Consequently, it is advisable to use tools to protect ourselves from them. It is logical since spyware can be a very dangerous threat. Since its main objective is to spy and collect user information. Of course, without our consent. These data are usually provided to companies dedicated to advertising. Also, to a third party who is interested in knowing the browsing habits of the victim. Therefore, today we will tell you about a tool that immunizes the web browser against spyware.

SpywareBlaster immunizes the web browser against all types of spyware.

SpywareBlaster is a tool designed to block ActiveX spyware. It should be noted that the tool does not remove spyware. In fact, it immunizes the system against the threat of malicious ActiveX. In other words, it prevents infection. Additionally, it blocks tracking cookies. Its main purpose is to remove malicious applications such as adware, dialers, and hijackers. To do this, it uses different rules and filters applied to web browsers. You only need to run the program to be protected. In addition, it allows making a backup copy of the system. This is very useful in case of being attacked.

SpywareBlaster Configuration

This software is available free of charge for home users. So the first thing you have to do is to download it from the website. This software is available free of charge for home users. So the first thing you have to do is to download it from the website. Then you just have to install it, like any other Windows program. Next, we will see the different modules that make up the program.

Protection status.

In this window, we can activate the protection for the browsers in the system. Just click on the message next to each browser.

Immunizing the browser against SpyWare
Immunizing the browser against SpyWare
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When clicked, a new window will open. It displays the protection settings. Specifically, there are two checkboxes corresponding to protection against Cookies and against Scripts. Which can be annoying and dangerous software. It is possible to select them all, or individually.

Configuring web browser protection.
Configuring web browser protection.

We can do this process with each browser. It is also possible to manage it from the left menu of the window.

System Snapshot

In this section, we will be able to create and restore backup copies. This will allow us to recover important browser and operating system configurations. In effect, the tool generates an image with the system settings. As mentioned, there are two options: Create and restore SnapShots.

Managing system snapshots.
Managing system snapshots.


As the name suggests, there are different tools here for the user.

  • IE Browser Pages: This shows a list of accepted web pages.
  • Hosts Safe: with this option, it is possible to save a copy of a restore point. But with the advantage that this copy will be encrypted.
  • Misc IE Settings: from here you can change several parameters of the IE configuration. For example, change the text that appears in the IE title bar.
  • Flash Killer: in this option, we can block all the contents of web pages that use Flash. There is some malware that camouflages under the appearance of flash animation.
  • Custom Blocking: By means of this option we can manually add the ActiveX controls that we want to block.
SpywareBlaster Tools
SpywareBlaster Tools


Last but not least, there is the update section. Indeed, there we will be able to update the program database. This is very important to ensure immunization against the latest threats. Just click on Check for updates.

Okay, we have finally seen how to immunize the web browser against Spyware. Spyware Blaster is a powerful and free tool. Moreover, it is very easy and user-friendly to use. And it provides good levels of protection. See you later.

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