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How to view OneDrive storage space

Hello! Cloud storage platforms have become an increasingly popular service for all types of users and businesses. Indeed, they are widely used to back up your most precious files. Along with this, their other great advantage is the possibility of being able to access them from any device, requiring only an Internet connection. There are certainly many options. However, one of the most used is Microsoft’s OneDrive. Logically, this happens because it is integrated in both Windows 10 and Windows 11. The vast majority of storage services offer a free alternative. In the case of OneDrive, it currently offers 5 GB of space. However, users who signed up at the beginning get 15 GB free. In addition, there are different ways to get more free storage. Specifically, by paying the subscription up to 1 TB. Today, we will learn how to view OneDrive storage space.

Check available space on OneDrive from Windows

Regardless of the capacity of our subscription, it is essential to control the storage space. This way we avoid filling it surprised. Indeed, uploading files to OneDrive is as easy as copying and pasting them as if it were a normal folder.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s cloud is integrated into the operating system itself. To access it, we have an icon in the notification area. From there, we can carry out the few configuration options offered. In this way, we will have to click on the OneDrive icon in the lower-right corner. This will bring up a menu where we must click on the gear icon. As a result, another list will be displayed where we will select the Configuration section.

This will open a pop-up window where we click on the Account tab. Here, in the OneDrive section, we can see information about our account. In addition to the occupied space in the cloud and the total space we have available. From here we will also be able to get more storage space. In the same way, we can unlink our computer to stop synchronizing with the cloud.

Looking at the folders

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In the case of having space problems, just in the next section that we have available is the Choose folders. If we click on it, a new window appears where we can select which folders we want to be available in OneDrive. The folders that are not selected will be hidden in the File Explorer.

Through this section, we can see all the visible folders (Desktop, Documents, Images, etc.). In addition to the space occupied by each of them, and can even display the inside of each folder. It is enough to uncheck those options that occupy more space to disable it from OneDrive. In the inferior part it will show us the total that occupy all the elements that we have selected.

Verify online storage

If we do not have our computer in front of us, we can also know the storage space used in the Microsoft cloud. With this in mind, we will enter the OneDrive main web page. From there we can also see in detail all the details about the storage usage. It is possible to see a quick or complete summary. We will check which files take up the most storage space, so you can free up space. And you can also access the referral program to get additional storage by inviting others to the service.

Full details on the use

The first thing to do is to log in with the account we want to verify. Once logged in, all the stored files and folders will appear. To see a complete summary of OneDrive storage usage, click on the Settings button at the top right. This will open a drop-down menu, where we click on the Options section.

In the new page that appears, we must go to the Manage storage section that we find at the top of the left column. This will show us a summary of the storage. Specifically, in a bar where it indicates the total amount available and the total amount used.

Once we have completed these steps, we will know how much space we are using and how much space we have left in the account. In addition to the storage usage summary, we can also review the details of your account. We will also be able to access the option to upgrade the service to get more capacity in the cloud to store more files.

View the files that take up the most space

To see the largest files that occupy space in OneDrive, click on the section What is taking up space? This will open a new screen where it will show us all the stored files, starting with those that occupy more space. If we wish, we can select those heavy files that we want to delete to save space. We then click on the Delete button found on the toolbar.

After completing the steps, we will be able to identify the files that occupy most of the space. Therefore, we can consider deleting or transferring to another storage to free up space on this service.

Get more free space

The best way to get space on OneDrive is through a Microsoft 365 subscription. In fact, we will be able to get a total of 1 TB. This would certainly free us from space problems. Microsoft also offers a referral program. Through it, we can obtain additional storage space by inviting other people to use the cloud service. Each person who signs up for OneDrive with our referral link will get an additional 0.5 GB. We can also get up to 10 GB of additional storage.

With this in mind, just go to the options. Once there, go to Your additional storage. Then click on Earn more. This will pop up a window with the link that we can copy and share with our friends. In addition to several sections to share directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Sina Weibo. Okay, so we have seen how to view the storage space in OneDrive. See you later!

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