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How to use the fingerprint sensor in MIUI 14

Greetings friends! The manufacturer Xiaomi accompanies its mobile devices along with a customized version of Android that has a strong presence. We refer to MIUI 14, the latest version that runs on Google’s operating system. Which hides many features: focus mode, themes to change the design completely, an Internet test, and even a maintenance app. There is one feature that users still use traditionally. Such as screenshots, which are usually taken with a combination of keys. Also activating the flashlight or accessing the control center. With the arrival of MIUI 14 they added a new gesture that allows to activate these functions in a faster way. It consists of double-tapping the fingerprint sensor. So, in this post, we will teach you how to take advantage of the fingerprint sensor in MIUI 14.

The new gesture in MIUI 14

It seems pretty simple, but once you try the new gesture of double-tapping the fingerprint sensor to act there is no turning back. You will notice that it is quite comfortable and the best thing is that you can configure it to perform the action that suits you best. For example, you can renew how you take screenshots.

Remember that the requirements in this case would be to have the MIUI 14 version and of course that your device has a fingerprint sensor.

To activate this feature, follow the steps below:

First step

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Go to Settings on your Xiaomi device with MIUI 14.

Go to Settings on your Xiaomi device with MIUI 14.
Go to Settings on your Xiaomi device with MIUI 14.

Second step

Then scroll down the settings list until you find the “Additional settings” section and access it.

Additional settings
Additional settings

Third step

After that, enter the section called Gesture shortcuts”.

Gesture shortcuts
Gesture shortcuts

Fourth step

Next, select the option “Double tap the fingerprint sensor”.

Double tap the fingerprint sensor
Double tap the fingerprint sensor

Fifth step

Finally, select the option that you want to be activated when you double-tap the fingerprint sensor. Some of these options are:

  • Take a screenshot
  • Turn on the flashlight
  • Control Center
  • Notification bar
  • Launch Google Assistant
  • Open Camera
  • Calculator
  • Silent mode
  • Get logs related to the problem

And that’s it, once configured just tap the sensor 2 times to activate the option you have chosen, at any time in a very fast way.

tap the sensor 2 times to activate the option


MIUI 14 is one of the most popular and advanced customization layers on the market. It offers a wide variety of features and options to enhance the user experience. One of these features is the ability to double-tap the fingerprint sensor to perform different actions. Such as locking the device, opening the camera, or accessing the control center. This feature is very useful and convenient, as it allows you to make the most of the fingerprint sensor, which is usually located in an accessible and easy-to-press place. In addition, this function can be customized according to the preferences and needs of each user, choosing the actions you want to assign to the double-tap of the sensor. Thus, MIUI 14 once again demonstrates its ability to innovate and adapt to market demands, offering a feature that improves the usability and security of the device. Thank you for reading us. Bye!

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