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How to remove objects in photos using your Android device

Greetings friends! Smartphones have become the main devices we use to take photos. As well as giving us the ability to edit photos and share them on our favorite social networks. So it’s not surprising that they have almost completely displaced digital cameras. At least the entry-level ones, which are more for personal use than professional ones. One function that would have been great to have in these old cameras is the ability to delete objects or people that were accidentally captured in our photos. A function that phones like the Google Pixel or Xiaomi have natively. But thanks to the variety of apps that exist in Google Play, it is possible to obtain a similar result with any phone. In this post, we will show you how to remove objects in photos using your Android device.


Google has created one of the most complete image editing tools for Android. Snapseed is an app that you can use to edit photos professionally on your phone. Although it has several very useful tools and filters to retouch your photos, we want to emphasize the healing function.

Snapseed allows you to remove unwanted objects from images. To do so, follow these steps:

First step

Download and install Snapseed by following the link below:

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Google Play | Snapaseed

Second step

Then open the photo you want to edit in Snapseed and tap the “tools” icon at the bottom.


Third step

After that, select the “healing tool” and adjust the brush size according to the object you want to erase.

Fourth step

Then draw over the object with your finger and Snapseed will replace it with the nearest background. Repeat the process if there are more objects you want to delete or if you want to perfect the result.

Snapseed remove objects in photos

Fifth step

Finally, tap the icon at the bottom right to save the changes. It’s that easy to remove objects from photos using Snapseed.

remove objects remove objects in photos
remove objects

Photo Retouch

It is a free application that is excellent for retouching photos. Photo Retouch provides multiple deletion tools so that you can achieve real results. It has a “Delete Object” option, simply colorize the object you want to delete. With the Quick Retouch tool, you can drag objects to make them disappear instantly.

You can also use other erasing tools, such as the Stamp and Patch options, which allow you to achieve a more precise finish. All of these removal tools have tutorials in the application to teach you how to use them. The downside is that Photo Retouch will watermark your photos if you use the free version of the app.

To get around the watermark you can put a frame on the photo before editing it in Photo Retouch, so the watermark will be added to the frame and you only have to crop it.

Google Play | Photo Retouch

Easy Retouch

What characterizes Easy Retouch is that it is a simple and very easy-to-use application. You just have to choose the photo in which you want to erase the unwanted thing, press the Remove Objects tool, shade the flaw and that’s it.

You will also have the Clone option and a menu to adjust the size of the eraser. Although the app doesn’t offer many tools like the previous one, Easy Retouch stands out for being free. In addition, it does not add any type of watermark on the photos.

Google Play | Easy Retouch


In this article, we have seen three applications to remove objects from photos: Snapseed, photo retouch, and easy retouch. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, but they all share the same principle: select the area we want to delete and fill it with the most suitable background. Snapseed is the most complete and versatile, but also the most complex to use. Photo retouch is the simplest and fastest, but has fewer customization options. Easy Retouch is the most specialized in removing objects, but also the most limited in other aspects. The important thing is to choose the application that best suits our needs and preferences, and practice to achieve natural and realistic results. Thank you for reading. Bye bye!

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