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How to increase the battery life of your Android phone.

Greetings friends! Most Android device manufacturers usually include several options to optimize battery performance. This is mainly the case for manufacturers that tend to use a customized version of the system. But for those devices that have the stock version of Android. The good news is that it also includes options dedicated to managing battery consumption. That can be key to extending the life of your device. So, in this post, we will show you how to increase the battery life of your Android phone. You don’t need to download apps that improve battery life. Because by making a series of tweaks, you can even increase battery life by up to 20% more.

Increasing battery life on Android is possible

To begin with we will explain in a few steps how to activate the functions of “Battery saver”, and “Adaptive preference”. These features are present on stock Android devices. Follow the steps below to activate them:

First step

Go to “Settings” on your phone.


Second step

Then within the settings of your Android phone, tap the option that says “Battery”.

Battery increase the battery life

Third step.

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After that, you will have to press on the section called “Battery Saver”.
There you have to tap on “Set a schedule”. Select the option “By percentage”. Then drag the little bar to 20%, this will make the Battery Saver mode to be activated when the battery has a 20% charge.

Fourth step

Then, go back to the “Battery” section and enter “Adaptive preferences”.

Adaptive preferences increase the battery life
Adaptive preferences

Fifth step

Activate the function that says “Adaptive battery”. This function will limit the battery consumption of the apps that you do not use frequently.

Adaptive battery increase the battery life
Adaptive battery

Reduce the screen lock time

The longer the screen of your phone is on. The faster the battery will drain, regardless of whether the screen brightness is reduced to the lowest level. The only completely effective way to prevent the screen from consuming too much battery is to avoid keeping it on for too long. To do this, minimize the amount of time the screen remains on. In addition to avoiding overusing the brightness, it is also recommended to set the phone to automatically lock after a few seconds of use. This is one of the best ways to reduce screen time and thus save battery life.

Reduce connectivity

All smartphones offer a plethora of connectivity options. However, using all these options also means that your cell phone will run out of battery much faster. Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or NFC when you’re not using them. And that’s all you need to do if you want to get the most out of your device’s battery. Now, if you notice other phone behaviors, such as battery percentage dropping too fast or sudden power loss, it could be due to a faulty battery.


There are several ways to increase the battery life of your Android phone, such as adjusting the screen brightness, disabling unnecessary connections, closing background apps, and using power saving mode. These measures can help you optimize your device’s usage and avoid draining your battery quickly. Then you can enjoy your Android phone for longer and without interruption. Thank you for reading us. Goodbye!

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