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How to Use Find My Device on Android

Google Play Store is overflown with apps and there is no different when it comes to application to track your Android devices. However, Find My Device is the most recommended tracking app which is published by Google itself. If you don’t know how to get started with Find My Device yet, this visual walkthrough will help you to understand and use Find My Device on Android smartphones.

What is Find My Device and how do you get it?

Find My Device is a tracking application that can show where your devices are located, remaining battery life and the network it is connected to. It is also a part of Google Play Protects suite to protect your phone from malicious contents and increase the security of your information.

How to install Find My Device on your Android devices?

  • Open Play Store on your device and search for “Find My Device”
  • Tap Install and then click Open when the installation is complete.
  • The first page of the app will ask for location access. Tap Allow and follow the next page.
  • Now continue with the default account or change it from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter password and tap to Sign In option.

Finally, you are in!!
Now, you can check all the devices signed in with the account you have just entered.
Find My Device shows each of the device’s location, battery, and network status.
You can also play sound, secure/lock, and erase connected devices from inside the application.

You might be thinking about what you will do if the android device gets stolen by now?
How can you access Find My Device to track your stolen phone?
Even lock it, or erase your phone to prevent stealing sensitive information?

Well, in that case, you can visit Find My Device Website and sign in with the same Google account you have used to sign in on your Android device. Therefore, you will get a similar interface to track, delete, or lock your phone.

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Are you able to use Find My Device successfully after reading this? How has the experience so far? Let us know in the comments. And, You can also check out how to set up email on your phone if you haven’t already!

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