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How to install Ubuntu on Windows 10 using Multipass

Hello! It is well known the approach that Microsoft has had lately with GNU/Linux. In fact, here we have talked about enabling the Windows Subsystem for Linux. This interesting option allows you to run an Ubuntu shell or another distro without leaving Windows. Besides, we show you how to install Ubuntu 20.04.1 in Windows using Hyper-V. That is, through the virtualization platform developed by Microsoft. Today we will continue using virtualization. However, it will be through a different perspective. Since we will be using Multipass. Which is a lightweight, multi-platform VM administrator (works for Linux, Windows and macOS). In addition, it allows the developer to run the necessary version of Ubuntu in a virtual machine. On the other hand, Multipass independently extracts the necessary image from the operating system and keeps it updated. Well, today we will see how to install Ubuntu on Windows 10 using Multipass.


This method makes use of virtualization. For this reason it is necessary to have a processor that supports this technology. Additionally, it is essential to have Hyper-V enabled or to install VirtualBox.

How to download Multipass.

As mentioned above, this cloud-based installation is multi-platform. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is go to this link and download the executable file for Windows. Once you have downloaded the file, just run it as any Windows executable.

Starting the installation of Multipass in Windows 10
Starting the installation of Multipass in Windows 10

After accepting the license, it is necessary to select which hypervisor you will use. As mentioned, you can use either Hyper-V or Virtualbox.

Selected the hypervisor
Selected the hypervisor
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Now the wizard offers to add Multipass to the path. This is very important because it allows you to run the instance without having to type in the full installation address.

Adding Multipass to the path

Now select the installation location.

Then choose the components to be installed.

Choose the components to be installed.

Once the previous step is completed, the installation will begin. Wait a few moments while the work is completed.

Running and configuring Multipass for Ubuntu.

Once the installation is complete, it is time to run Multipass for the first time. With this intention, go to the home menu and click on Multipass.

Launching Multipass

This action will launch Multipass. To launch the shell please right-click on the icon in the taskbar and click on Open Shell.

Immediately PowerShell will be displayed and the Ubuntu image will start downloading. This is an unattended process.

Retrieving the ISO of Ubuntu
Retrieving the ISO of Ubuntu

After retrieving the image, the wizard will ask if you wish to contribute information. Finally, the preparation of Multipass will begin.

Finally, Multipass has been successfully installed.

Ubuntu Multipass running on Windows 10
Ubuntu Multipass running on Windows 10

Some basic Multipass commands.

From now on, all that remains is to explore the new facility. First, you can update the list of available packages and their versions.

sudo apt-get update
Updating the package list.
Updating the package list.

The default password is ubuntu However, you can change it with the following command:

sudo passwd ubuntu

At the end of the day we have seen how to install Ubuntu on Windows 10 using Multipass. From now on, you can enjoy another alternative to use Ubuntu within Windows 10. I hope you enjoyed it. See you later!

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