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How to speed up the Internet in Windows 10

Hello, there is no doubt that a good internet speed is indispensable for the system’s networking tasks. For example, access to email or access to a work or study platform. Consequently, a faulty internet would seriously affect the work. On the other hand, the causes of a slow internet are multiple. For example, errors in the provider, technical failures or inconveniences within the system. And it is on this last case that we will concentrate today. See how to speed up the Internet in Windows 10.

How to accelerate the Internet from GPEDIT in Windows 10

Maybe you didn’t know, but Windows reserves a portion of the bandwidth for itself. This percentage is 20%. Obviously, this value is intended for the operation of some programs. Also, for those users with high network speeds the impact is minimal. However, for those computers with limited speed, then the impact will be greater. On the other hand, it is not mandatory to maintain this 20% network percentage. So we will see a couple of methods to disable it. In the first place we will use the group policy editor. With this in mind please press the Win+R combination and run the following command:


After the editor is opened you must follow the following path: Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Network>QoS Packet Scheduler. Once there, please select the Limit reservable bandwidth policy.

Open the group policy editor.
Open the group policy editor.
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Then double click on the policy. When the menu opens, please enable the policy.

Please enable the policy
Please enable the policy

Then, you only have to edit the value that is 80 and set it to 0.

Sets the value to 0
Sets the value to 0

Please press OK and close the editor to continue.

How to improve network speed using the registry editor.

Before continuing it is advisable to make a registry backup or create a restore point. Then press the Win+R combination and execute the following command:


Once the registry editor is opened, please go to this path:


Once there, double-click on the DWORD value NonBestEffortLimit

The value must be at zero (0) to make use of 100% of the available bandwidth:

Sets the value to 0
Sets the value to 0

Press OK and close the registry editor.

In this way we have seen how to speed up the internet in Windows 10. Specifically we use two methods so that Windows 10 guarantees the user 100% of the network bandwidth. All right, we’ve come to the end for today. I hope to see you soon. See you later!

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