How to make a backup of the Windows Registry


Hi, I hope you are doing well! As we know, Windows 10 offers a lot of options to personalize from the configuration menu. This is a very interesting feature, especially for users like me, who enjoy customizing the look of our system. However, there are some aspects that we can not modify directly. In some of these cases, solutions could be accessed and modified Windows registry, changing or creating an entry of it. But nevertheless, for most of the users, manipulate the registry is like travel by minefield. Consequently, they prefer to do not touch it. This is a wise decision, as a matter of fact, If you do not know what yo do, you should not modify the registry. Above all, the registry is a critical component of the operative system, and changing meaningless may cause malfunctions o irreparable damages to the system.

Making a backup of the Windows Registry

For this reason, we can make a backup of the registry in case of at some point we have a problem, in that case, we can restore it and everything continues to work correctly. For the purpose of that, we have to access the registry by clicking Windows + R, then we type regedit and press enter,

A warning message will appear, just say yes.

At that moment a window with the Windows registry will be open,  click on the File menu -> Export.

Windows Registry
Windows Registry

At that time, we will open a dialog window where we can indicate the name we want to give to the .reg file that we are going to create and the path where we want to save it.

Export file to save it
Export file to save it

It is highly recommendable to save the file in an external storage drive, like USB drive, so that if we found a problem, we can solute easily by double-clicking in the file .reg.

In like manner, if Windows does not start at all, we always can start it in safe mode, access the storage unit where we have saved the backup, and restore it on our computer. This is the way to make a backup of windows registry, a useful tool for curious users like me or simply for those who want to go beyond the evident.

If you want to learn more about the Windows Registry you can check this link.

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