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How to share photos with Google Photos

Greetings friends! This Google service has been expanding the horizon with some interesting features. Since it is taken advantage of by all its users. Google Photos now takes a step forward. Giving an easy way to share any image with those you want, whether family or friends. As if you were sharing in a network, you have the option of adding one or more people. Giving you the option to view the photos you have in a folder. The appropriate thing to do in this case is to put the really important ones. In this post, we will show you how to share photos with Google Photos. Also the library in case you want to authorize images to a group of users. Always chosen by the administrator (in this case you). The photo will be visible only to them, granting permission to read. Also for saving if they want to export the photo.

Google Photos, is more than just a storehouse of images and videos

It is the default application of many Android devices. Over time it has been seen how it was replaced, being “Gallery” the one chosen by many manufacturers. Despite this, many bet on pure Android, having this application preinstalled once you start it and take it out of the box. After giving a small review, it is time to mention the options available. Among them, you can edit both a photo and a clip. Although it doesn’t have a lot of things, it does the basics. It even acts as an editor, which will get us out of trouble if we want to. Among its functions is to apply a filter, and cut, among others available.

Once you open Google Photos you can see a lot of things. Among them “Library”, where things will be stored throughout its use. Including WhatsApp files. This well-known service gives us about 15 GB, shared with Gmail, Photos, Drive, and others, which are usually productive.

Share photos with Google Photos

Imagine having a large collection of images. This is sharable if you want to share it with those close to you. Above all, if you want them to be in good hands. Be careful with the photos you upload, go through them one by one and identify those that you consider important for the person added. Later on, there is always the possibility of sharing with another person you know.

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In this case, try to make sure that the guest is completely trustworthy. If this is not the case you can always remove the permission, denying access to the created folder. The permission will always be the one you give him/her. You can remove it at any time, and you will no longer be able to access all the photos you have uploaded.

To share the collection through Google Photos, do the following:

First step

Launch the Google Photos application on your device.

Google Photos
Google Photos

Second step

Then tap the “sharing” button, you will see all the available options, it is necessary if you want to get to the “partner” setting, which is the one you have to use in this case to give access.

tap the "sharing" button
tap the “sharing” button

Third step

After that, in the sharing menu tap “share with partner”.

share with partner
share with partner

Fourth step

Next, add the person’s account. Here you have the option to do it in several ways, put the person’s email, they will get an invitation that they will have to accept to start viewing content uploaded by you.

Select patner share photos with Google Photos
Select patner

Fifth step

Finally, choose the folders they can see, try to keep them to a minimum, at least one chosen by you, and do not give access to all of them, this is what is done in most cases in Photos. And that’s all. Thanks for reading us. Bye!

choose the folders share photos with Google Photos
choose the folders
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