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How to send large files anonymously

Hello! Consider this scenario. You have to send a large file. For example, a personal video 2 GB’s in size. Indeed, with that size you cannot use the email servers. In fact, they have a file sending limit. Besides, you are concerned about privacy. Since it is a personal video, you don’t want it to be hosted on any internet server. Well, today we will see how to send large files anonymously. Also, without using intermediaries.

How to send large files anonymously using Takeafile.

Takeafile is a website that uses WebRTC technology by creating a URL for the file to be shared. This is a protocol that provides real-time communication to browsers and mobile apps. It uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to do this. In addition, it is a free and open source project. Well, with Takeafile we can send and receive large files. Also, anonymously and safely. Similarly, it is not necessary to install any program. Since the exchange is done directly between web browsers. Therefore, communication is cross-platform. Indeed, it does not matter which operating system the users have. It is enough to have a web browser connected to the internet. Let’s see how it works.

The first thing you have to do is go to the project website. Once there, just drag the file to the window.

Takeafile ready to upload a file.
Takeafile ready to upload a file.

Next, you must select the connection protocol. First there is the real time transfer. This has no size limit and is totally free. In addition, it requires both participants to keep the browser session open. It is also possible to upload the file to the project servers. This option is also free, but limits the size to 512 MB. The advantage is that the file can be downloaded later. For this example, we will use the first option.

Selecting the type of transfer.
Selecting the type of transfer.
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The assistant then asks for the notification form. You can generate a link or notify a contact. However, this requires registration on the website. Therefore, choose the option to generate a link.

Generating the download link.

Please copy the link verbatim to share it with the other person. Please note that both must keep their browsers active.

Copy the generated link

After clicking on the link, the download will begin.

After a few moments the process will be finished and the receiver will have access to the sent file. Very well, in this way we have seen how to send large files anonymously. This page is available for now only for Firefox and Chrome. However, the developers do not rule out extending the browser option. In addition, by using the WebRTC protocol, anonymity is guaranteed. And you don’t even have to install any third-party programs or plugins. All right, that’s it for now. See you soon!

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