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How to restore Windows 11 without losing files and settings.

Hello! If you are here, you are probably a Windows user. Certainly, these systems sometimes show flaws in their operation. Therefore, you resort to tutorials and tips on various internet sites. Well, it may happen that you don’t get the complete solution to your problem. In such cases, it is necessary to take drastic measures. One of them is a complete reinstallation of the operating system, formatting it beforehand. Veteran Windows XP users will remember that this procedure is not entirely simple. However, the evolution also reaches this particular one. Therefore, this is a process that is relatively simple in Windows 11. Additionally, it offers the option to do it without losing your personal information. Next we will see How to restore Windows 11 without losing files and settings.

Why is it sometimes necessary to format the computer?

Occasionally, a PC may start doing things that are strange. For example, slowing down processes or also the presence of widespread visual errors But before formatting there can always be the fear that you are going to lose everything like the most important files you have. In this sense, Windows has taken a step forward. So that you can be completely calm about this, it gives you the option of eliminating only the operating system. That is to say, without touching the files stored in the storage units.

On the other hand, there are recommendations before performing any kind of operation on a computer in general. Specifically, it is necessary to make a backup of the most important things you have. In technology, unfortunately, a multitude of incidents can occur. Consequently, in this way, you should always have your back well covered.

How to reset Windows 11 with Settings

One of the ways to restore Windows 11 is through the configuration itself. In fact, this is one of the most accessible and easiest ways for anyone. It is for that reason that the first step is going to be to press on Windows + I to accede to the configuration. Then, access through the sidebar to System.

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In the window that appears, you will find a large list of different options to work with your operating system. When you want to restore Windows 11, you will have to click on Recovery. This option is practically at the end of this window.

Next, you will have to go to the Reset this PC section. Once there, it explains that it is an option that allows you to choose whether you want to keep or delete your personal files. If you want to start the process, click on Reset PC.

Continuing the process

It is important that in the pop-up message that opens, you click on Keep my files. In this way, you are guaranteed that all settings and applications are removed. However, your personal files are kept. In this case, it is understood that pictures and documents you have on your hard disk are kept. But all system folders will be deleted and reinstalled.

In the next step, you will be asked to choose how to do the reinstallation: through the cloud or locally. We recommend that if you have space on the storage drive, you download from the Windows servers themselves to have the fully official version.

Finally, a summary of everything you have selected will be made. It is important to check here that you have selected that you want to keep your personal files. And once you have checked this, you can click on Reset. From that moment on, the computer will start to download the operating system. Finally, it will start to reboot, showing the typical installation window.

Restore Windows 11 from Advanced System Startup

In the event that you cannot enter Settings, there is the possibility of performing this same operation with the Advanced Startup. To do this, you will have to press Windows + L to go to the logon window. If you look in the lower right corner, you will see the characteristic shutdown button. This should be pressed while you are pressing the Shift or Shift key, and then click on Restart.

At the moment, a section with a blue background will open, which is the Advanced Startup with different options. Among them, you will have to click on Troubleshoot

And finally, among the new sections that will appear, click on Reset this PC. As in the previous case, you will see a pop-up window. In the same way, as it happened before, you will choose if you want to keep the files or not.

At this point, the process of formatting the operating system and then reinstalling the files will begin. Depending on the hardware you have inside, this process can finish in a few minutes or take up to several hours. The question is always to have it connected to the current, and in no case to turn it off in the middle of the process. Indeed, it could be fatal to leave an installation of this caliber half done.

In this simple way, it is possible to restore Windows 11 to its original state. Moreover, with the possibility of keeping your personal files intact. This represents a very interesting addition. In fact, in the past, it was necessary to make a previous backup of the personal files. This is because at the time of formatting the disk, all traces of personal information were removed. Bye!

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