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How to remove the background of a photo using your Android

Hello! Due to the advances in mobile technology, it is becoming easier to perform tasks and different actions without a PC. In the case of photo editing, removing the background of a photo with our smartphone is a simple task. In this post, we will show you how to remove the background of a photo using your Android device.

Background Eraser is an app with a clean and easy to use interface. The results are excellent. You can remove the background very quickly with their tools. It includes four tools to erase and another one to repair:

  • Extract. with this tool, you can mark which areas you want to keep and which you want to remove.
  • Auto Mode. Probably the best tool that includes Background Eraser. You can select whole color areas from a photo and delete them, besides you can adjust the selected area.
  • Magic. With this tool, you can slide on the areas you want to erase and they will be erased smartly as if by magic.
  • Manual. Very simple mode, slide your finger over the areas you want to erase.
  • Repair. In case you have deleted more than you wanted, with this option you will be able to fix it.


To start you should download Background Eraser directly from Google Play Store following the link below.

Google Play Store| Background Eraser

First step

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Removing the background of a photo.
Open Background Eraser. Then click on Load a photo. The app will show you your Recent files. Select a photo you want to edit. Remember that if the background is black or a uniform color it will be easier to remove it.

Second Step

Now the app will ask you to make a crop of the photo, I recommend you to crop the unnecessary parts. Select the parts you want and then press the Done button.


Third step

You will select the auto mode, then place the pointer in the background. Immediately the background will be erased, remember that you can graduate the trimmed area of the same color with the slider located at the bottom. After that press the Done button.

Fourth Step

To finish you can graduate the smooth of the edges, choose a level and press the Done button, and that’s all the image will be saved automatically.

smooth edge
smooth edge


Nowadays it is much easier to edit photos without advanced knowledge. Thanks to apps like Background Eraser you can erase the background of the photos you want and use it for whatever you want. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Telegram channel.

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