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How to remove all traces of an app after uninstalling it on Android

Hello folks! Fortunately, the issue has improved over the years. But currently, you can find it on your phone, traces of applications that you uninstalled months or years ago. In this post, we will show you how to remove all the traces of an app after uninstalling it on Android. We will also show you three simple tricks to remove an application from your device. With this, you will be able to not only free up some extra space. You will feel that your phone is somewhat tidier and free of junk apps that you no longer even use.

Normal uninstallation

Ideally, applications store their data in their folder. Uninstalling the app removes both the app and its data, but this is not always ideal. For example, in apps where we generate data that we want to save. Like a photo editor or video editor, we might want to uninstall the app but not the photos or videos we have edited.

For normal data, those that the app saves in its folder, we do not have to worry. Android will delete them when uninstalling the app unless we tell it otherwise. Nowadays, only some apps ask you if you want to keep the data, such as WhatsApp.
If not, the data saved in the app’s folder inside the app will be deleted, but not the data saved in other folders.

Follow the steps below to uninstall the apps and make sure that as much data is deleted as possible:

First step

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From the home screen press the app you want to uninstall and tap “app info”.

app info
app info

Second step

Then go to the storage section


Third step

After that, tap “clear data”. Then to confirm tap “clear all data”.

clear all data remove all traces of an app
clear all data

Fourth step

Finally, go back and tap “uninstall”.

How to remove all traces of an app after uninstalling it on Android
How to remove all traces of an app after uninstalling it on Android

Clean with SD Maid

One of the apps that specializes in finding traces of apps that you no longer have on your phone is the legendary SD Maid. To take full advantage of it you’re going to need to buy the Pro version costs USD 2.95. But you are free to skip this step and do the cleaning manually. It has several cleaning options, although the one that concerns us on this occasion is the Junk Finder. The Junk Finder scans your phone’s storage, looking for files and folders that belong to apps you no longer have. It then offers you the option to delete them. It is the most convenient option to clean from time to time these unwanted remnants of apps that you do not have on your phone, although even when you use it, it is recommended that you also do manual cleaning.

Google Play | SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

Remove other traces from a file manager

If you have used SD Maid, it is normal that you do not have too much junk left on your phone. But the app is not infallible and also plays it safe, without suggesting folders that you might want to keep. If you want to clean thoroughly, you’ll need a file manager for Android. Anyone will do although I prefer Files by Google.

Your task will be to look in the root folder of the phone storage. In search of suspicious folders belonging to apps you no longer have. Sometimes it’s easy because they use the name of the app and you will be able to recognize them that way. But sometimes it might be more difficult or have the name in Chinese. Before deleting anything, make sure that what is inside is dispensable and, if in doubt, do not delete. By following these steps you will be able to leave your device cleaner and more optimized. Thanks for reading us. Bye!

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