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How to program the expiration of accounts on Windows 10

Hello, how are you today? When we install windows 10, we usually use only one user account. Normally, this account also has administrator privileges. Of course, if our equipment is for personal use only, this is not a problem. However, sometimes the computer is used by more than one user. In that case, using a single account may cause privacy and security issues as well. It is also likely that a user will end up erasing other people’s data, which can cause problems. In that case, windows offer the possibility of assigning accounts to users who run a computer.However, sometimes these accounts remain unused, resulting in the use of hard disk space.. For that reason, in this post, I will show you how to program the expiration of user accounts.

Programming the user’s account expiration.

Please note, this feature only works on Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise. First, we need to log in from an account with administrator privileges. Them, please type edit group policy in the search bar.

Opening group policy editor
Opening group policy editor

Once there, we will follow the following route: Local Computer Policy>Administrative Templates>System. Next, we locate in the right window: user profiles

Editing Local Group Policy Editor
Editing Local Group Policy Editor

Now, we have to double-click on Delete user profiles older than a specified number of days on system restart. Plainly, this feature is not configured by default, so we have to enable it to enjoy the characteristic.

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In this window, we will see all the configurations related to the time of the accounts. The default time is 30 days, but it will depend on the administrator which amount of time will be assigned. Finally, we only have to press accept to execute the changes.

As can be seen, how to program the expiration of user accounts is a very interesting feature to control privacy on PCs. By controlling the expiration time of user accounts, we will be able to take care of the use of the hard disk. In addition to protecting our personal files from possible intrusions. All right, that’s it for the moment, please visit our Visual Studio article on Windows 10. Please join our channel in telegram

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