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How to customize the background and lock-screen on Windows 10

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Hey, guys, how you doing? In previous posts, I have told you that I love to customize Windows 10. As a matter of fact, here we have taught you how to change the system font. Many users limit themselves to using Windows as it comes, but others (like me) like to change its look to their particular like. Today, we will continue to see ways to customize windows to our personal like. With this in mind, let’s detail the method to customize the background and lock screen

Go to personalization

Windows 10 has a specific section to customize its appearance. As new updates arrive, these functions have been improved. To enter it, click on Windows and then on the toothed wheel (settings).

Entering to settings
Entering to settings

Once there, you have to select Personalization

Windows Settings>Personalization
Windows Settings>Personalization

We will immediately enter the personalization section.

Customizing background.

In this first window, we will see how to customize the background. With this in mind, we are located on background, there we will see 3 options to choose: Picture, to select any image we have archived. Solid color, to choose a solid color background. If we choose this option, Windows will offer us a palette of colors to use the one we like the most. And finally, slideshow to show a random presentation of the images saved in our pc.

Customizing background
Customizing background

Customizing Lock screen.

Next, let us completely customize the lock screen. With this intention, we locate in the left column, section lockscreen. There are 3 options: Windows spotlight, this is an image downloaded randomly by the system. Picture, to choose any image saved in our pc. Slideshow to use a presentation of previously saved images.

Customizing lock screen
Customizing lock screen

However, not only can we change the images to the lock screen, but it is also possible to add an application to show its detailed status. And another app to show quick status. For this purpose, we choose the apps to show on the lock screen. In my case, I select the app calendar to show detailed and Mail, Calendar and Skype to show quick status. But the user has the possibility to choose the apps he wants. By the same token, if you want the changes to apply to both the home screen and the lock screen, you just have to select the option: show lock screen background picture on the sign-in screen.

Applying change to both screen
Applying change to both screen

In conclusion, we have shown you in a simple way how to customize the background and lock screen. Changing these aesthetic aspects allows us to have a custom operating system. All right, that’s it for now, before I say goodbye I would like to invite you to see our article about Applocker. In addition, please join our Telegram channel to stay up to date on the latest Windows 10 updates.

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