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How to Move Steam Games from One Drive to Another

For gamers, Steam is one of the best platforms. It allows downloading games online and a better management of tons of games. There are also some of the best free games available on Steam. I love playing Steam games and so does other players.

Another awesome feature of Steam is, it allows moving a game from one place to another, even to another partition! It’s extremely useful for relieving the storage load on the “C” drive on Windows and root partition on Linux. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to move Steam games from one folder to another. The instructions are same on both Windows and Linux (except the file path structure).

Using the built-in function

Steam has a built-in function that allows you moving a game folder from one place to another. Here’s how to use it. But before using this method, make sure that you select a folder for a game library in a proper location.

  • Open Steam.
  • Go to Steam >> Settings.

  • Select “Downloads” from the left panel.
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  • Click on “Steam Library Folders”.

Here, add the preferred library folder(s) where you wish to move your game. It can be on any drive. Just make sure that you have enough storage space on the drive. Here, I’ve added “E:\SteamLibrary”. Now, time to move the game.

  • Go to Library >> Games.

  • On the left panel, you’ll see the list of all the installed games. Right-click on any of the games >> select “Properties”.

  • From the new dialog box, head to “LOCAL FILES” tab.

  • Select the library folder and click “Move Folder”.

Depending on the game’s size, it’ll take quite some time. Be patient and don’t mess up anything or your game will become corrupted. I also recommend not running any heavy task during the transferring process.

Done! Your game is moved to the destination folder.

Using Steam Library Manager (Windows only)

There is another 3rd-party tool to make the Steam game management even easier. Download Steam Library Manager. Then, run the program as administrator.

You can easily see the library folders on the left panel and games on the right section. You can simply drag-n-drop games from one folder to another.

Enjoy! For FPS gamers, there are some of the best FPS games of 2018 awaiting just for you. Check them out!

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