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Best Free FPS Games 2018

FPS (First Person Shooting) is one of the most popular and main genres of games. These games rule the gaming market since the very beginning. There are more and more FPS games coming out. However, if you’re in need of continuous play and free access, try these games out! These are the best free FPS games to play right now.

Modern Combat Versus

Modern Combat is one of the most popular FPS series developed by Gameloft. The latest addition to this list is Modern Combat Versus. It’s free of charge and available in both smartphone (Android, iOS) and PC (Windows Store and Steam) as well.

The gameplay is quite stunning. The graphics are top-notch and the excitement is huge with 4v4 multiplayer arena. You choose a character (agent) to play with. Each one has different stats, abilities, and target to fulfill. Let’s ravage the arena on Modern Combat Versus!


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If you’re looking an intense FPS multiplayer that will bring the nostalgic feel of Call of Duty, get Warface right now! Its entire gameplay is settled in the field of numerous maps like forests, oil depot, trains, wide street etc. with tons of modern + classic weapons.

Warface is a completely free-to-play game from Crytek, the same company who created the famous Crysis games. Like their other games, Warface is also developed using CryEngine. If you’re familiar with Call of Duty’s Deathmatch, Warface is pretty much the same. You have tons of weapons to choose from. Daily quests, skins, boosters, 7-day gun rental etc. all the features are enabled for giving the best F2P friendly environment.

Get Warface today!

Planetside 2

You’re looking into extreme adrenaline rush on a sci-fi world. Planetside 2 takes place in the outer space. The entire game takes the level of FPS to a whole new level with huge strategies involved.

You’re free to choose any of the 3 Empires – Terran Republic, Vanu Soverignty or New Conglomerate. You also have the option to develop your character in 6 different classes and upgrade yourself depending on the need of your squad or Empire.

The most exciting feature is, a battle takes place between massive teams with thousands of players on each. In addition, there’re also air and ground vehicles for extra support. The continent maps are enormous and differs a lot – open fields, gigantic structures or tight-packed urban centers. From weapons to outfits – there are tons of collections available to add to your armory.

Get Planetside 2!

Tribes: Ascend

It’s a free-to-play FPS game that’s developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios. This game is available on Windows. Tribes: Ascend offer an extremely fast-paced action environment. Better be prepared, or you’re going to die instantly.

The gameplay is super cool. The maps are set in an outer world. There’re all the alien megastructures here & there. You along with your teammates have to make your own way to victory. As a game from the Tribes series, this one also features total freedom of movement and air battles with the Jetpacks. It’s really amazing that you can even ski to get down from high mountains/architectures. The armory is full of classic + modern weapons. Choose your favorite armors, grenades, weapons and other unique gears to fulfill your role in the team.

This one features several game modes – Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Arena, Rabbit, and CTF Blitz. Your skill matters the most when it’s a matter of ruling the day! Get Tribes: Ascend.


A really fun game to play. It’s more like Overwatch in the gameplay style but feels really exciting as it’s free-to-play. That’s a huge relief for every gamer. However, there are several DLC available for purchase.

Paladin is set in a universe full of ancient magic and advanced technologies. With the mixture of both, there’re a lot of skills involved in the game. Every map and hero plays a different role in every match. While the heroes are extremely easy to use, it’s quite difficult to master them. A really nice thing is the 3rd-person view. If you’re an Overwatch player, you understand what it means. However, your projectiles are less accurate on 3rd-person view, so you’re still passively forced to use the classic view mode.

The strategy is also something to be aware of. It’s an objective-based game, so make sure the best team combination for the best result. Get Paladins.

Honorable mentions

There are also other quite awesome FPS games like Team Fortress 2, Fortnite Battle Royale, Dirty Bomb, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Survarium etc. You can play them for free today!

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