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How to Hide a Partition on Windows

If you’re a Windows user, partition management should not be something new. In fact, it’s one of the most basic things a Windows user should know about. In your Windows system, there are different drives marked as “C”, “D” etc. right? Each of them is a partition on the hard drive. Generally, Windows assign “C” to the system drive and others in order.

Maybe you have a partition “F” where you put all your sensitive information and other confidential files. To protect your drive, you can either encrypt the entire partition or simply, hide the entire drive. This way, there’s no chance your kid or your friend is going to peek into there.

Note that these steps are performed on Windows 10, but will work on any Windows version. In other Windows, instead of “Win + X” option, search the feature on the Start menu.

Let’s take a look how to hide a partition.

GUI method

  • Press “Win + X” on your desktop.
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  • Click on “Computer Management”.
  • From the left panel, go to Storage >> Disk Management.

  • You’ll see the list of all the partitions on your hard drive. Right-click on “Local Disk (F:)” >> select “Change Drive Letters and Paths”.

  • Click on “Remove”. You’ll see a warning message. Click “Yes”.

Voila! Your “F” partition is hidden! To recover it again, go to the same procedure and assign a drive letter.

Command line method

  • Press “Win + X” on your desktop.

  • Click on “Windows PowerShell (Admin)”.
  • It’ll open the PowerShell. Now, run this command:

  • To list all the partitions in your hard drive, run this command:
list volume

  • You’ll see that “F” partition is marked as “Volume 4”. In your case, it may be different. Remember the volume number. Run this command:
select volume # [# = the volume number]

  • Partition “F” is selected. Run this command to remove the drive letter:
remove letter=F

Done! Your partition is hidden! To get back your partition, follow the commands below:

list volume
select volume # [# = the hidden partition]
assign letter=F

Enjoy! For Windows users, Windows Update is real pain, right? Learn how to take over Windows Update and dominate over your OS!

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