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How to Master Windows 10 Explorer

File Explorer is the most common and essential tool for every operating system. Windows is, by far, the most popular OS and available for both personal and enterprise usage. The default File Explorer is a very powerful one with tons of features. However, with new enhancements comes new troubles. It’s hard to keep track of every useful option. If you’re jumping from Windows 7/8.1, the File Explorer might feel a bit messy. However, with these useful tricks, your life will become a lot more fun.

Here are a few fun & advanced tricks (very simple, to be honest) for you.

1. Share files with Windows 10 apps instantly

Windows 10 comes up with native file sharing with Windows Apps with a simple click. The option extends up to Facebook, Messenger, OneNote, Twitter, and Paint 3D and so on.

  • Select the files you want to share.
  • Right-click on any of the selected file >> click Share.
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  • Select the app or contact you want to share the file. It’ll open up that app with the file(s) attached.

For using this feature, you need to have the apps installed. If you don’t have the apps, you can install them from Windows App Store. Let’s follow these steps.

  • Right-click on the file(s) you want to share.
  • Go to Open With >> Search the Store.

2. Open “This PC” by default

If you’re a Windows 7 user and shifted towards Windows 10, you will feel really creepy with the File Explorer opening the “Quick Access” instead of “This PC”. It’s quite frustrating to navigate to the old system again and again. Now, you can change the feel completely.

  • Open File Explorer.
  • Right-click on “Quick Access” from the left panel >> click “Options”.
  • From the “Folder Options” window, go to “General” tab.
  • Change “Open File Explorer” option to “This PC”.

  • Click “OK”.

Now, your previous style of File Explorer will bring up “This PC” every time.

3. Rename multiple files

Renaming multiple files isn’t something we use all the time. But when we need to, it becomes a serious pain. For example, you have a series of videos and want to name them all in the same queue. Without taking the help of any third party tool, you can do this easily.

  • Select the first file.
  • Press “F2” or right-click >> select “Rename”.
  • Once you’ve typed the name, press “Tab”.
  • You’ll see the next file is in “Rename” mode. Enter your required name.

If you want to skip a few files in-between, just press the “Tab” to skip them and move forward to the next files.

4. Disable ads in File Explorer

Microsoft always promotes its apps to Windows consumers. They show these apps in Start menu, Notification Panel and in the File Explorer as well. Though the intention is good, it can be distracting and annoying in many cases. You can turn off the ads in Windows Explorer easily.

  • Open “Folder Options” >> “View” tab.
  • Under “Advanced settings”, find out “Show sync provider notifications”.

  • Uncheck the box >> click “OK”.

No more ads to disturb your focus.

5. Return back the “New” file

In previous Windows versions, there was a nice and handy feature that allowed you to create a file type including text files, zip files, images etc. Unfortunately, Windows 10 removed the feature. However, you can still do the same by following a simple hack.

Warning! This is for an advanced user. Don’t do anything messy or on your own, unless you UNDERSTAND what you’re doing.

  • Open Notepad.
  • Type the following code and save it as “AddFileType.reg”.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.XXX\ShellNew] “NullFile”=””

Note that the “XXX” is the file type, for example, images (.png, .jpg etc.), documents (.txt, .docx etc.)

  • Double-click the file >> confirm the action.

Now, the file extension will appear in the “New” option just like the following screenshot.

Feel free to share your experience with us. Windows 10 is a big shift for users of older Windows editions, but a powerful shift providing lots of features. Hopefully, these tricks will make your life a lot easier with Windows 10.

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