How to use the Link-Local Address of IPv6


I switched interest in trying IPv6 at home since my ISP provides the option to switch to IPv6. all my services and tests now are now bese on IPv6. In this small article i will show how to use IPv6 in your Environments.

in my examle i have two centos 7 machines  with IPv4 and ipv6 enabled

machine 1:



The command ping is normally used for Ipv4 Ip addresses . For IPv6 there is another command called ping6

lets Try to ping from machine 1 to machine 2 :

machine1>#ping6 ping6 fe80::6a46:67bf:c4d8:d352

Dont panic.  for ping6 you have to mention witch device you want to use :


How to connect to ssh server via IPv6

Lets try to connect from machine1 to machine2

ssh  IPv6%device


You can use this command  to see what  are services listening on tcp6

From another machine you can use telnet to check if services listening

with telnet  Ipv6%DEVICE  port:

Please enjoy this small artilce and let us know if you need  any help.

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