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x64 application emulation will arrive in Windows 10 on ARM from November

For a year now there has been speculation that Microsoft is going to implement x64 emulation in the version of Windows 10 for ARM devices. However, this is already confirmed by Microsoft. This is due to the early arrival of the x64 application emulation in Windows 10 on ARM. Currently, Windows on ARM can run three types of binaries:

  • Native 32-bit ARM applications
  • Native 64-bit ARM applications
  • x86 (Intel 32-bit)

The operation of the latter is lower than the same applications would have in an Intel operating system. However, users will enjoy the sudden increase in the catalog of available software.

A necessary step for Microsoft.

This step taken by Microsoft was long awaited. Indeed, many popular applications not compiled for ARM had stopped releasing 32-bit versions. For example, the version of Adobe’s Creative Suite. In addition, a setback in the development of apps for ARM is counterproductive for the company. And more when Apple has startled strong in this regard. According to Microsoft’s announcement, the x64 emulation will reach the participating computers in Windows Inside in November. While the rest of the users will not have access to it until next year.

On the other hand, Microsoft has unveiled other relevant news regarding ARM. For example, the imminent launch of a native Microsoft Teams client on ARM. In addition to a new update of Visual Studio Code optimized to run on ARM devices.

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With these moves the Redmond company aims to continue to dominate every market share. In addition, it continues to fight Apple for technological supremacy. These types of moves are positive because they allow developers to continue to grow. In any case, we will be attentive to any movement in the last few days. Despite the pandemic, companies are still working to cover as much ground as possible. In any case, we are entering the last quarter of the year. And it’s usually very busy in terms of technology news. But undoubtedly, we will be very attentive to the month of November and the arrival of the x64 application emulation to Windows on ARM. See you soon!

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