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How to Install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distros in the world. In fact, it can also be said the most popular one because of its simplicity accompanied by its power. Canonical is the maintainer of Ubuntu, one of the easiest & user-friendly distro out there. Recently, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS has been released.

You can check out all the new features of Ubuntu 18.04. Now, you are obviously excited to use it in your system, right? Moreover, there’s a really powerful feature called “Minimal” installation that can save a lot of space on your system. Although that’s optimized for cloud solutions and only experts, today we’re going to take a look. Note that you can also follow the same steps for installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS like any other normal system.

Preparing the system

Before you get yourself with the latest Ubuntu, it’s always safe to make a backup of your important files, especially on your “home” folder. Take a backup, download the Ubuntu ISO, make a bootable USB flash drive and boot into the installation media.

Installing Ubuntu

Let’s start with installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

  • After booting up, you’ll get into the option for installing and trying Ubuntu. Let’s go with “Install Ubuntu”. You can also enjoy the live session if you want.
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  • Select your keyboard layout here.

  • Here’s the interesting part of Ubuntu where you can go with normal and minimal installation type. I’m going with “Minimal” installation. You can choose the normal one. Make sure to check out the option of installing 3rd-party software as well.

  • You have the option of making changes to your partition table. Make sure that you don’t delete any important partition, or you’ll end up in a huge loss. Moreover, make sure to create at least 4GB of “swap” file and 16GB (recommended 64GB) of “/” mount point.
  • You have to choose your time zone. Select the appropriate location for yourself.

  • Enter your favorite user account name and other credentials here.

Let’s wait for the process to finish. Depending on your location and other things, it might take a while for the process to complete. After completing the process, you have to restart your system.

Done! Let’s enjoy the fun and excitement of the brand new Ubuntu 18.04 LTS!

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