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Best Git Clients for Linux

Those who are using Linux in their everyday life had to use Git at least once. In the Linux community, GitHub is one of the most popular places where thousands of powerful apps and programmers collaborate for improving their products. Moreover, having a basic knowledge of Git is a must-have part of mastering Linux. Even if you didn’t know, you already used Git a few times in your life while running Linux.

To be honest, Git is a bit difficult to understand and not so user-friendly with all those clutters. Moreover, whenever you need to do other tasks with Git, it may feel a bit difficult and critical. For Linux users, there is some really cool GUI client of Git to make your everyday tasks a lot easier.

I personally love this awesome Git client. Thankfully, it’s also available for other platforms like Windows and Mac.

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This tool is a closed-source software and there’s a paid version of it. For using this tool in a team, you have to purchase the “Pro” or “Enterprise” package. However, it’s free for personal usage. That’s what we’re going to enjoy the most.

GitKraken makes every single task very easy. With its modern & advanced UI, it’s also easier to navigate through GitHub really easily. This is the smoothest Git client I’ve worked with until date. Other features include –

  • Gitflow (graphical Git branch tool)
  • Customizable commit graphs
  • Quick undo/redo button
  • Supports Git Hooks.
  • Git LFS (Large File Support)

And much more. For enjoying the full-featured product, get GitKraken today!

This tool is specially designed for browsing the repositories. The app was primarily developed for GNOME desktop and a set of specific apps, but it’s available for Mac users as well.

If you want to install it in your system, you have to download and build it from source. Don’t worry, as Gitg GitHub page explains everything smoothly on enjoying Gitg. Consider using it if you’re a developer on the famous GNOME desktop. Some of the notable features of Gitg are –

  • Open-source
  • Built-in, simplified file viewer
  • GNOME shell desktop integration for easier access to recently used Git repositories.
  • Quick search features through the branch and tag searches

Get Gitg today!

This is also on my favorite list because of its simplicity. Really, it’s free of cost and super powerful with the awesome GUI and other features. This tool will use the classic Git client for performing tasks, but you’ll work smoothly on the graphical UI.

  • Clean and intuitive UI for easier understanding Git.
  • Gerrit integration through the plugin.
  • Runs on any platform having the support of Git and “node.js”.
  • Web-based, suitable for use on the cloud platform or pure shell machines. Just use the link: http://your-cloud-machine.com:8448/

Get Ungit today!

Other honorable mentions

There are some of the other Git clients that I want to mention is SmartGit, GitEye, Cycligent Git Tool etc. Feel free to try & use them in your projects. All of them are free for personal usage, but some require purchasing upgraded service for implementing on a team.

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