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How to install the new Windows 10X File Explorer

In recent publications they talk about the arrival of multiple new features for Windows 10. In fact, the arrival of Windows 10X, a totally renewed system, is expected. Which will have many changes. However, perhaps one of the most expected is the one related to the File Explorer. Since it is considered that this app is obsolete. Well, today we will see how to test this feature, before its final arrival. Please stay with us to find out how to install the new Windows 10X File Explorer.


To be able to test this new feature, it is necessary to have the following elements

  • Windows 10 2004 in at least the 64-bit version
  • Install the classic version of OneDrive This can be downloaded from here. Please note that if you have a more recent version installed, you must uninstall it.
  • Obviously you must log in to the OneDrive app.
  • Activate the developer mode in Windows 10

Activating the new Windows 10X File Explorer. Step by step

Enabling Developer Mode in Windows 10

To use the developer mode, you must do the following: Please enter Windows Settings. With this intention, press the Win+I combination. Once there, click on Update & Security.

Please open Update & Security
Please open Update & Security

Then scroll down and click on For developers. Then, on the right menu, activate the Developer Mode switch.

Enabling Developer Mode
Enabling Developer Mode
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Then you must confirm the warning message.

Congratulations! You have now activated the developer mode in Windows 10. We are ready for the next step.

Downloading and installing the necessary files to use the new Windows 10X File Explorer.

Once the developer mode is enabled, proceed to download the files. These are compressed in ZIP format. They can also be freely downloaded from here. On the other hand, these files are provided by the people of Thecommunity. Well, once downloaded, simply unzip it into an easily accessible folder. Then right-click on the file install.ps1. Please run it with PowerShell.

Running the file install.ps1
Running the file install.ps1

A window with PowerShell will be immediately displayed. Please press Y to continue. Also, wait a few seconds while the window closes automatically.

Installing the new Windows 10X file browser
Installing the new Windows 10X file browser

After a few moments, the installation will be ready. You can see the new installation in Beta format from the Start menu.

Checking the installation
Checking the installation

This way we have seen how to install the new Windows 10X File Explorer. Soon we will be exploring new features of Windows 10. See you!

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