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The Windows File Explorer arrives with new airs

Microsoft will radically change File Explorer. Users have been asking for the change for a long time. Certainly, the Windows File Explorer has been a real headache. Searching for documents and folders in File Explorer is uphill thanks to the search. In fact, it’s a real pain in the ass.

But this will totally change with the Windows 10 20H1 update. The latter will arrive in the first half of 2020. Another key point is that the redesigned browser will use Windows Search. This is the same tool you can use now in the taskbar.

As they explain in WinCentral, this change will simplify your life. It will allow you to display a list of suggestions as you type in the search field. This will make finding files a much easier and faster task. And, above all, you will really find what you want without any complications. In particular, to access any of the files or folders that you find you only have to click with the mouse normally. By right-clicking on the new Windows 10, you will be shown where the file or directory is.

File Explorer, it works with OneDrive

On the positive side of this update is that it will include Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage. This is something that users have been demanding for a long time. Because OneDrive is deeply integrated with Microsoft Office. Additionally, Microsoft will also redesign the file explorer. In order to use it with touch screen devices such as Microsoft Surface tablets. Offering a specially adapted interface to make it easy to use with your fingers.

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The File Explorer upgrade will come with Windows 10 20H1 or Windows 10 2004. It will be the first major version of the operating system this year. To all this, we must add the redesign of the start menu. This is inspired by Windows 10X, which apparently will arrive in the next Windows 10 20H2.

The update will appear in the second half of 2020. With these new features, it seems that in 2021 Windows 10 will be unrecognizable, even more so with its new file explorer. We continue to pay attention to the updates that Microsoft brings us. By the way, did you read our post about the Windows 10 shutdown button? Be sure to read it.

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