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New Outlook app combines mail and calendar

All Windows-based computers come with several apps already installed. In effect, they do this to fulfill the basic functions that a user needs today. Indeed, many people install their favorite apps. However, it is undeniable that many users continue to use these apps because they already fulfill what they require. So it may come as a surprise to many people when two of the most useful and popular apps disappear completely next year. We are talking about the Mail app and the Calendar app. These are two basic functions that any device has today. However, they will be removed from Windows 11 in a process that will begin in September 2024.

The good news is that both apps will be replaced by another one. This app will be more complete and has a very familiar name for anyone who uses Microsoft products. We are talking about the new Outlook app, which is already available and will gradually be installed on all computers.

New Mail and Calendar app

The Mail and Calendar apps are as old as Windows 10. When the then new Microsoft system was released, it wanted to demonstrate its usefulness with these apps preinstalled. Firstly, they fulfilled two essential functions: managing email and personal calendar. On the other hand, these apps were a demonstration of what was possible with Microsoft’s new platform. We are referring to UWP: Universal Windows Platform.

The idea of UWP was very similar to Android apps. That is, it was a platform that allowed developers to create apps that worked on all Windows. Moreover, without the need to create specific versions for each one. UWP was compatible not only with Windows 10, but also with Windows 10 Mobile phones, Xbox One consoles and even Hololens augmented reality devices. The programmer only had to create an app. Then it would be able to run on all those devices no matter what operating system they were using.

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In practice, UWP was heavily criticized. This was both because of its limitations and because it was associated with the Microsoft App Store. As with Android, by default, Windows 10 only supported UWP apps if they were installed from the official store. Microsoft was accused of trying to shut down Windows by limiting the distribution of apps. This is now past history. Either by the failure of UWP or by Microsoft’s recent moves.

Outlook app: a long-awaited change

With the closure of the Mail and Calendar apps, a somewhat controversial era of Microsoft comes to an end. They will be replaced by the new free Outlook app, which will include both functions, and many more. Outlook is a name that needs no introduction, as it came bundled with recent versions of Office (now Microsoft 365) and is the name of Microsoft’s mail service.

If we are using the Mail app, we can now make the jump to the new free Outlook app. Just click on a button in the upper right corner, where it says New Outlook. Clicking it will start the installation of the new app. The Mail and Calendar apps can still be used. However, from September 2024 they will no longer be available for download. So new computers will already come with the Outlook app.

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