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How to make the most of Developer Settings in Android Auto

Greetings Friends! The links that connect our Android with our cars are strengthened by Android Auto. This mode, which allows you to connect your smartphone to use it while driving has several functions. Like a night mode that we always activate. In addition, one of the latest developments facilitates this connection: wireless connectivity. However, it is normal for many users who want to fully customize their devices. This leads them to wonder what is the developer mode. For mobile systems that also have this option, Android Auto has some hidden options that we can use. In this post, we’ll show you how to make the most of the Developer Settings in Android Auto.

How to enter Android Auto Developer Settings

The Developer Settings, are the settings that are hidden options in Android that facilitate certain tasks for the app developers themselves. For this reason, they are hidden by default. Since a wrong step can ruin the experience and make your device stop working properly when we talk about the system. Similarly, in Android Auto, we don’t have many developer options, but there are some interesting options. Follow the steps below to enable Android Auto Developer Settings:

First step

Initially, you need to go to the official Android Auto app on your phone. You will easily find it by going to Settings, and doing a quick search with the term “Android Auto”.

Android Auto
Android Auto

If you prefer to find it yourself, go to Settings>Connected devices>Connection preferences >Android Auto(on stock Android).

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If you’re a Xiaomi user, the location is somewhat different: Settings>Connection & Sharing>Android Auto.

Connection & Sharing
Connection & Sharing

Second step

Then swipe down to the bottom of the Android Auto home screen. In the “Version” section you must make several taps until you get a warning, this will tell you how many more times you must tap it to activate the Developer Settings. And that’s it, you will already have access to the Android Auto Developer Settings.

Best Developer Settings offered by Android Auto

As mentioned above, Android Auto’s developer settings contain fewer options to change compared to Google’s mobile OS settings. However, this does not affect access to them, as they provide us with new possibilities to customize the experience.

Change the behavior of Android Auto wireless mode

You will see this option first in the list and allows us to disable the connection of our phone to the car screen wirelessly. It should be noted that it is not exclusive, i.e. if enabled we can also use a wired connection.

wireless mode
Wireless mode

Application Mode

This option will not serve us as normal users but is an option intended for developers who want to test their applications. In some of its forms, such as “Demo”, it serves to make our device erase all data after use.

Application Mode make the most of Developer Settings
Application Mode

Day and night mode

We can choose who controls this: the car, the phone, or force one of the two modes forever.

Day and night mode make the most of Developer Settings
Day and night mode

Audio sample rate

This option is used to change the sound quality coming from Android Auto. It is recommended to leave it as it is by default. Continuing with the sound, we can also change the audio codecs used for data transmission between the phone and the screen of our car.

Audio Codec make the most of Developer Settings
Audio Codec


Knowing the functions possible thanks to the Developer Settings will be of great help, especially for those more pro users. They are looking for a more personalized experience, it can also be helpful to solve a particular problem. Thanks for reading. Goodbye!

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